Why did you paint your room blue?

Wall colors in blue

Effect of wall colors in blue

Blue-gray, pigeon blue, dark blue or light blue? Discover the diversity of the wall color blue! If you want to paint your own four walls blue, you have a large selection. In addition, blue is a timeless classic among wall colors. Rooms that are painted in one or more shades of blue have a calming effect on the atmosphere in the room and on your mood. They create a feeling of pleasant coolness and freshness, but without appearing cold. The effect can be very different depending on the shade.

The light tones of the color blue give a feeling of space, as they are reminiscent of the blue of the sky and can be easily painted over large areas. Smaller rooms in particular benefit from this. These are opened optically by a light blue and appear larger. You can intensify this effect by, for example, leaving a slightly wider edge to the ceiling white and painting the ceiling white as well. Conversely, you can optically reduce rooms with high ceilings by only painting the ceiling a dark blue, but leaving the walls light.

Color palette of blue

Dark blue

Wall colors in dark blue have character. They look noble, especially in combination with decorative elements or furniture made of copper and metal as well as warm woods. They are also an exciting contrast in a bright interior.

You can use the color tiles to put together your own wall color and varnish in dark blue, configure your favorite color according to quantity and quality and order it online.

[[# k / 82-42-11-68 / t # k / 57-20-12-62 / t # k / 73-26-10-61 / t # k / 67-17-9-55 / t # k / 49-15-8-46 / t # k / 34-17-14-69 / t # k / 36-17-11-61 / t]]

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Would you like a touch of gray to the blue? Blue-gray, pigeon blue or pigeon gray. The common denominator: a proportion of gray pigments. These color nuances like to stay in the background, are classy and at the same time are full of elegance.

Here you can find a selection of different shades of blue in blue-gray:

[[# k / 31-10-15-43 / t # k / 20-7-10-19 / t # k / 20-5-10-9 / t # k / 21-6-9-11 / t ]]

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Light Blue

Fresh blue tones range from a delicate light blue to a bright blue. These colors bring freshness to every room.

[[# k / 73-11-13-25 / t # k / 61-8-13-10 / t # k / 52-1-8-0 / t # k / 44-0-6-0 / t # k / 32-2-7-0 / t # k / 29-0-6-0 / t # k / 29-0-8-0 / t]]

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Combine wall colors in blue

One of the nice advantages of the wall color blue is that you have many design options and you can combine it with many other colors. Light wood and a lot of white, for example, go perfectly with a light blue or a blue-gray. Alex painted his bedroom in color and chose a calming, soft blue from the color palette of blue tones. The wall color harmonizes wonderfully with the beautiful, old parquet floor and the wooden furniture.

Alex painted this shade of blue in the high-opaque color from Kolorat:

[[# k / 34-11-7-39 / t]]

If you like to furnish your home with a Scandinavian touch, this combination is very good. A dark gray shade, warm woods or brass and copper elements go perfectly with a dark blue if you want to give a room expression and elegance. Combined with natural materials or fabrics, such as linen, rattan or raffia, the result is a maritime look - like vacation, just at home!

Nina has transformed the children's room into a youth room. Before it shone in a rich petrol blue, now this strong color has given way to a fine, subtle blue-gray. She painted individual pieces of furniture, such as the shelf and the stool, tone-on-tone to match the color of the wall. You can also combine blue very well within the color family.

Nina painted the other walls a bright white. You can find both colors here.

[[# k / 20-7-10-19 / t # k / 0-0-6-0 / t]]

It is very exciting to see how different colors can appear! Take a look at the direct before and after comparison from Nina's children's room. The first link leads you to the before result, the second link to the after result.

Before: Children's room in petrol blue

After: children's room in blue-gray

Wall design in blue

Britta painted a wall in her bedroom in dark blue. In this room you can of course take an extra dose of rest. A warm dark blue wall color will help you.

White shines even more against the dark blue background and can be easily combined with it. Britta used the high-opaque wall paint and painted this color.

[[# k / 34-17-14-69 / t]]

Anne has chosen a bright mix of colors and materials in her apartment. In the bedroom she combines a blue wall with a sisal rug, lots of light wood and a black metal bed. Come in at the blue hour!

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Colors shape rooms. With Eva, the light blue in the living room is a perfect match for her furnishings and the blue picture, which is designed in stronger shades of blue. This creates a harmonious mix of colors within the blue color family.

Order wall paint and lacquer in blue online

To order your new wall color, simply select the color tile of your desired color with one click. Decide whether wall paint or lacquer and determine the individual amount for your project. You can calculate this very quickly with our consumption calculator. Then send your order online right away. Your color will be mixed for you and delivered as quickly as possible to your home.

You can also order hand-painted color samples with just a few clicks using the color tiles.

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