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Wall reveal styles are finishing conditions for wall edges that are adjacent to a door, window, or door and window combination. The geometry of a reveal style must be defined in the wall end style, so it is not independent.

Note: If you change a wall closure style, all reveal styles based on that wall closure style are also changed.

Like a wall end style, a reveal style must be assigned to a wall style.

  1. Make sure that the wall closure style you want to use as the basis of your reveal style is in your drawing and has the geometry you want.
  2. Click the Manage tab Group style and presentationStyle manager.
  3. Expand Architectural Objects.
  4. Expand Reveal Styles, right-click and choose New.
  5. Click the Design tab.

    For a reveal style, you must specify the closing condition between the wall and the opening for each side of the opening (that is, the start and end of the reveal, the parapet, and the lintel).

  6. Under Reveal Style, select the wall end style for each side of the opening.
  7. Click OK.