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What exactly is skin couture?



It's time again for GNTM on Pro Sieben. Heidi Klum's TV show is not only about looks, photo shoots and modeling, but also terms from the fashion industry are mentioned here. Do you know what haute couture means? No? Today I'll tell you a little short version ...

So you can have a say in the next episode of GNTM and know what Heidi is actually talking about all the time. Many, including myself, have heard the name "Haute-Couture" quite often and have certainly seen it on TV. But what does skin couture actually mean? Is that a dress, a new fashion trend or something? ????
When I saw the first episode of Germany's Next Top Model, I heard skin couture for the first time. But I never really knew exactly what it meant until I found out.
Since haute couture is very well known and in my opinion everyone should know what it means who deals intensively with fashion, I will explain to you what haute couture is actually about. Haute couture is a high level of tailoring. You can also call her the mother of designer fashion. Especially from Prêt-à-Porter. I will explain what that means in another post. I will of course inform you about this in good time.

Haute couture is handcraft from luxurious materials. The founding father of Haut Couture is the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth. He founded the first large fashion house in Paris in 1858. Back then, he designed tailor-made, extremely expensive models for his customers. These included Princess Pauline von Metternich and Queen Victoria.
To be precise, it is women's fashion from some fashion houses that has been authorized by the Paris Committee, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haut Couture. However, this is done under strict adherence to certain criteria that they call skin couture. This name is protected in France. Designers who meet these criteria are included in a so-called “show schedule”. Then he can present his creations under the code name “Haut Couture” at couture shows in spring and summer.

To this day, the name Haut-Couture stands for hand-made products. It starts with the design and goes through to the finished dress. That means several hours of work. For example, an incredible number of sequins or pearls are sewn on individually. Since unique items are known to have their price, you can imagine that such a dress will not be cheap. Therefore, very, very few women could even afford such a thing.
The great thing about Haut Couture is that it is not unbearable and almost everyone can wear it. Thanks to Christian Dior, for example, we can even find skin couture pants on the catwalks today.

Even the designers who are known to this day, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Dior had a major impact on this creation in the 20th century.
That is why Paris is still an international center for fashion today. Especially for luxury women's fashion.
That is why the international fashion industry is still oriented towards handcrafted creations today. Haute Couture is presented twice a year in Paris and impresses with high-quality, elaborate tailoring. You can call them works of art.


A Haute Couture dress can cost up to around one hundred thousand euros. ????
Unfortunately, we can't afford that so quickly and easily ...




Photos via Pixabay, Photo via Unsplash by Khaled Ghareeb