How is advice given for NEET

Well advised is better applied!

We have been advising for over 13 years and can therefore fall back on a wealth of experience. In our individual advice for parents-to-be and new parents, we explain everything to do with the topics of parental allowance and parental leave. Together we will work out the best possible amount of parental allowance and, if you wish, fill out the applications for you.

Children what a service!

Anything that can otherwise drag on for weeks is off the table with us in no time at all. And hand on heart: Would you rather fight your way through the jungle of applications for parental allowance or spend more time with your family? We are only satisfied when you are. And get everything out for you that is possible.

+ Information plus:

From the assessment period to additional earnings: We explain everything you need to know for your exemplary parental allowance application.

+ Calculation plus:

What do I get if ...? We'll find the best option for everyone! And calculate various parental allowance scenarios as well as the additional earnings that are not taken into account.

+ Relief plus:

Detailed advice, completed forms - all you need to do is sign your parental allowance application and attach all copies - then take it to the parental allowance office.

These services are included in the consultation:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your personal situation
  • Show all possible combinations
  • Coordination of parental leave and parental allowance
  • Concrete calculation of your parental benefit entitlement
  • Determination of your credit-free additional earnings
  • Working out the optimal parental allowance variant for you

This is how advice works

You get in contact with us. We explain the process to you and arrange a consultation with you.

Please contact us as early as possible. Our consulting capacities are usually booked up quickly. Please also note that early advice on parental allowance can be beneficial. Especially with regard to the coordination between parental allowance and parental leave.

First contact
by phone or e-mail to find an appointment together
Phone call
Approx. 45 minutes of detailed consultation
you can also book our application service *

The costs

Our advice is not free. We work independently and do not receive any government subsidies. As a result, we are only obliged to you and do not have to pursue any governmental goals. Our sole aim is to advise you as well and as comprehensively as possible.

- securely wrapped -
- well looked after -
- all-round care -
90 euros120 euros170 euros
  • Appointment subject to availability
  • Appointment within 10 days
  • Including 3 months of inquiries
  • Including 6 months of inquiries
  • Incl. unlimited Inquiries
  • Senior Consultant guaranteed
  • Senior Consultant guaranteed
  • schematic Assessment check
+ 60, - Euro application service optional
We fill out the applications for you.
150 euros total180 euros total230 euros in total
Further services:
  • Application service without advice: 80 euro
  • Child benefit application service: 40 euros
  • Additional earnings calculation: 45 euros
All prices include VAT.

Our prices are always the total price for both parents together. Additional services can be added or added at any time. Many parents seek advice first and book the application service later.

Thats what our customers say:

Dear Ms. Schwarz,
I have reviewed the documents, everything is fine [...]. I already made the payment [...]. I want to thank you for the very helpful support, was very fast and professional. I already recommended it to my colleague and gave her the two flyers :-)
Have a nice weekend

Dear Ms. Fielitz,
I just wanted to inform you quickly that the district office has fully accepted the parental allowance as requested [...]. All thanks to your help. I am very happy to recommend you to all the "helpless parents" in my environment.
Warm greetings to Erfurt

Dear Ms. Stiep,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the extremely pleasant and helpful phone call last week. Without your advice, we would not have been able to sort our complex initial situation so well.
Best regards

Dear Parental Allowance Team,
Yesterday I [...] had a consultation with your colleague Diana Jung.
Since I have learned so much about the subject of parental allowance and what options exist in my case after our 1.5 hour conversation, I would like to officially thank your team, but above all Ms. Jung.
With her you have a very committed, very friendly and well-trained employee. I am very satisfied with your advice and it has shed light on a topic that I was not yet familiar with and that there were many uncertainties.
I find your service very valuable and I am sure that you have already been able to assist many on this extensive topic and many others will follow. Please keep it up and encourage your good employees, like Ms. Jung.
Have a nice weekend to the whole team
Best wishes

Our history

We have been around since 2006. Since we were included in the worldwide internet archive ( at an early stage, you can follow our development there. Please note that the internet browsers have changed over time. The old pages therefore no longer look as appealing as they did back then.

You can see there that we had a very large community in the forum for many years and that we either undertook or supported political actions ourselves. For example, we have brought two petitions to the Bundestag over the years. In the first petion we demanded the right to a kindergarten place from the first year of life, ie after the end of the "normal" 12 months of parental allowance. This demand has now been implemented by politicians. With the second petition we turned against the inclusion of parental allowance against unemployment benefit 2 (Hartz4). Unfortunately, we have not yet been successful with this.

We have also actively participated in family policy events. Unfortunately, without success here either. The expansion of kindergarten places is still going too slowly and the regulations on parental allowance and parental leave are still not fair. But we continue to fight and it would be great if you too would "steam" the politicians at all levels and point out grievances again and again. Thank you very much for that.

Parental allowance - brief introduction

Parental benefit is an income-related family benefit that is intended to provide financial support to families after the birth of a child. A maximum of 14 monthly amounts of basic parental allowance of € 1,800 and four additional monthly amounts of parental allowance plus (so-called partnership bonus) of € 900 per parent can be drawn. With the sibling bonus and the multiple surcharge, the funding can be increased even further.

With the introduction of Parental Allowance Plus in 2015, the individual options for parental leave and parental allowance receipt have multiplied. Parents can choose between basic parental allowance or parental allowance plus or a combination of both types of parental allowance. A reference month with basic parental allowance can be converted into two parental allowance plus months. Parents in particular who want to earn something in addition to parental allowance can benefit from parental allowance plus. Every applicant must calculate in advance whether a conversion to Elterngeld Plus is really useful in individual cases. If you earn too much, your entitlement to parental allowance plus is reduced to a minimum of € 150.

The amount of the parental allowance depends both on the income in the assessment period before the birth of the child and on the income during the reference months. In some cases, the parents have the option to determine which assessment period is used by the parental allowance office. Be sure to find out about the effects of self-employed and mixed income on the assessment period.