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Formula 1 entry fee: That's how much Gasly's victory Alpha Tauri still costs today

The Formula 1 teams have to pay horrific entry fees to participate in 2021. The more successful a team, the more expensive it becomes.

This is the time of year for the teams to spend the most money. The new Formula 1 cars are designed and built. This is one of the biggest costs for the racing teams. In addition, there is also the registration fee that you have to pay to the World Automobile Federation FIA for participation in the 2021 World Cup. And that amounts to just under 4.5 million US dollars!

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The entry fee is made up of two items - a base fee that is the same for all teams and is $ 569,308 in 2021.

But that is not how it remains. Those who are more successful have to pay more money. For each World Cup point earned in the 2020 season, $ 5,691 is due. World champion Mercedes even has to pay extra - per point for the German car manufacturer it is 6,830 US dollars.

Mercedes pays the most  

The registration fee for Mercedes is 4,482,898 US dollars - or the equivalent of 3.7 million euros. Red Bull in second place in the 2020 Constructors' World Cup has to pay 2,384,737 US dollars, that's almost half. Williams pays the least. The traditional British team remained pointless for the first time in team history in 2020, so Williams only pays the basic fee.

In principle, the system is quite fair. Whoever is most successful also has the most money. Teams that are at the bottom of the table are gnawing on starvation anyway. It is only fair that they pay less than the top teams.

But the system also has its weaknesses. If every World Cup point costs money, it would be cheaper to forego collecting points. Of course, this is only possible to the extent that you do not lose a position in the constructors' championship. Because the better a team is placed in the World Cup, the more prize money it gets from the Formula 1 revenue pot.

Gasly win costs nearly $ 150,000

But many teams could have saved themselves a lot of money. In the end, world champion Mercedes had a 254 point lead over Red Bull. Mercedes could have saved 253 of them. Then the Black Arrows would still have become world champions, but they would have had to pay 1,727,990 US dollars less registration fees.

The example of Alpha Tauri is even crazier. In seventh place in the constructors' championship, the Italian team had 99 points more than rival Alfa Romeo. Pierre Gasly's win in Monza alone cost the team US $ 142,275 for the 25 points it received.

The costs for the teams will be lower in 2021 than a year ago. This is because the season only comprised 17 World Championship races and was therefore much shorter than the 2019 season with its 21 World Championship races. Therefore, fewer points were awarded.

Incidentally, Ferrari saved the most money compared to the previous year. Because the Scuderia was only sixth in the World Cup and thus completed the worst season in 40 years, the entry fee was reduced from 3.3 to 1.3 million euros!

The starting money for the Formula 1 teams in 2021

1. Mercedes $ 4,482,898
2. Red Bull 2,384,737
3. McLaren 1,718,890
4. Aston Martin 1,679,053
5. Alpine 1,599,379
6. Ferrari 1,314,829
7. Alpha Tauri 1,178,245
8. Alfa Romeo 614.836
9. Haas 586,381
10. Williams 569,308