What is the fastest land animal ever

Records: The fastest land animals

How fast are land animals? There are numerous records and facts on the subject speed in the animal kingdom. Birds are the undefeated champions when it comes to speed. But there is also Land animals, the remarkable records have set up.

So he dashes cheetah for example at an incredible 90-120 km / h through the savannah and that red giant Kangaroo hops over the Australian continent at up to 88 km / h. After the list with the records, you will read some useful information on the subject of speed, short distance / long distance etc.

cheetahPredator90-120 km / h
Mexico. Prong bracketUngulate88 km / h
SpringbokUngulate88 km / h
Thomson GazelleUngulate80-96 km / h
Deer goat antelopeUngulate80 km / h
American Quarter HorseUngulate70-80 km / h
gnuUngulate70-80 km / h
Brown hareRabbit-like70 km / h
ostrichRatite70km / h
GreyhoundPredator70 km / h
GreyhoundPredator65-70 km / h
African wild dogPredator65-70 km / h
CoyotePredator69 km / h
MooseUngulate60 km / h
lionPredator55-60 km / h
kangarooDiprotodontia55 km / h
rhinoUngulate45-50 km / h
IcebearPredator40 km / h
African elephantProboscis40 km / h
hippopotamusUngulate30-40 km / h
Black iguanareptile34.9 km / h
Tiger beetleBeetle9 km / h
cockroachinsect5.4 km / h

Mexican pronghorn - Photo: Dennis Donohue / Shutterstock

Short haul and long haul

All the maximum speeds mentioned here apply to short distances, e.g. B. on the hunt or on the run. The animals consume so much energy that they cannot keep up the pace for a long time. Only the Mexican prong bracket actually manages to hold out up to 88 km / h over a longer distance.

On land is not the same as in water

Many animals do not only live on land, but also move in water - and reach completely different speeds in the process.

The polar bear is z. B. much faster on land than in water. While he only swims a maximum of 10 km / h there (but persevering and long), he sprints on land at a proud 40 km / h.

Conversely: the Gentoo Penguin swims at 36 km / h underwater, but only waddles a maximum of 3-4 km / h on land. The animals have adapted to their habitats.

And how fast is the person?

The fastest person is currently the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who set a world record of 9.58 seconds over a distance of 100 m. This is equivalent to 37.57 km / h. On the run from an elephantane, a hippopotamus or a rhinoceros, even he would have no chance.

Speed ​​versus size

10-20 km / h does not seem fast to us humans. A trained jogger can reach 10 km / h and we can easily manage 20 km / h while cycling. Let's take a look at a mouse in comparison: it can run at a brisk 13 km / h if it hits the gas. However, she is not 1.80 m tall, but only 7-11 cm.

The record compared to size

For a long time, the tiger beetle held the speed record in relation to its size and weight. Although it grows to a maximum of 70 mm and weighs a few grams, it runs over the sand at 9 km / h. In other words, a person would have to run an insane 770 km / h!

However, it was found that there is an animal that is even more nimble. A tiny one: a mite with the scientific name Paratarsotomus macropalpis. A person at his speed would be the equivalent of over 2,000 km / h.