What do stray cats need

Cats living in the wild

The causes of cat misery also include cats with free access from private households, which always produce new offspring with free-living cats. Therefore our urgent appeal: Please have your cat or male neutered so that the groups of cats living in the wild do not grow any further.

From the point of view of animal welfare, farmers - like every other cat owner - are obliged to feel responsible for their animals and their offspring within the meaning of the Animal Welfare Act. This includes species-appropriate care as well as veterinary care in the event of illness. They should also have their cats neutered. Otherwise, uncastrated animals that roam free unattended contribute to the great misery of the numerous cats living in the wild through their offspring.

Register cats with FINDEFIX

Free-living cats are the offspring of non-neutered domestic cats that have not found their way back to their homes. We therefore urgently advise you not only to castrate your own cat, but also to tag and register it with a transponder with a microchip - so that it can get home safely if someone finds it.

Registration is easy and free at FINDFIX, the pet register of the German Animal Welfare Association. Register your cat online quickly and easily: