Are there cricket tournaments in IITs


InterIIT Aquatics Sports Meet

The first of the three parts of the InterIIT Sport Meet started this weekend with the InterIIT Aquatic Meet.

The InterIITs are annual meetings of all IITs in one of the seven original IITs. This year they will take place at the IIT Madras. They're kind of like the Olympics of the IITs.

On Wednesday they started the opening ceremony in the swimming pool. There was a march of all participants with flags and signs, a jump performance and by an internationally known sandart artist, sandart on the subject of IIT and India. The atmosphere was great and it was a very nice event.

The competitions took place from Thursday to Sunday, including water polo and swimming competitions.

Water polo is a kind of soccer ball with your hands and in the water. In the tournament, the teams of the respective IITs fight against each other and try to get gold in the end. The IIT that collects the most points in all competitions will win the whole competition at the end of December.

The competitions always take place in the morning from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and in the evening from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. There are two water polo games each. In the final IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras face each other, it was an exciting game. Unfortunately, Madras lost, but that still means second place.

But now a few pictures from the swimming competitions


And from water polo

There was also something cultural on offer, so on Friday a band came to the Student Activity Center, which was also allowed to play at the Olympic Games in London, and played Hindi songs. They really rocked the hall. It was tool. Then a great comedian came and made the whole room laugh.

If you want to see it all in action, check out the videos on this playlist:



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2 months in India

Yes, now the second month is over again here in India. This flew past me much faster than the first one. I made friends from all over the world here and settled in. So much has happened during this time and apart from the heat everything is great and I have a lot of fun here.

News about India You can still see here that not all India is created equal. So there are always some holidays of the different religions of India. From Hinduism to Islam and Christianity.

So I have the feeling that almost every other day there is some kind of religious celebration here on campus, which is typical for a certain state, as so many students from different regions of India come here.

I've also got used to the typical Indian public transport and I'm usually traveling to the various sights by train or bus, both of which are pretty cheap here. 5 rupees for up to 1 hour train travel, which is about 13 cents. You are not even allowed to enter the subway stations in Munich for this.

eat In the meantime I have changed the cafeteria and am now in one that cooks North Indian. The food there is sometimes mild and there are more solid things, such as potatoes in pieces, in the sauces. All in all, the food in the cafeteria now tastes much better and it's also easier to eat because it's not that damn spicy.

I also get on well with the staff at the caterer in the cafeteria, A Diet Express, who always wave me through without having to show my card. The Indians have to show them every time.

Sports I still go swimming 1 to 2 times a day and to the gym 1 to 2 times a week. As a result, I've lost a good 15 kilos so far. So India and the IITM are great for losing weight and getting into more sport. I definitely enjoy it and feel much more comfortable in my body. I also feel that my cradle is less. There is the right sport for everyone on campus, just not typical winter sports of course, or have you ever seen snow outside with an outside temperature of 35 degrees.

climate The weather has become a bit more pleasant and the temperature has gone down. It is now mostly only 34 - 35 degrees Celsius at lunchtime. But of course it is still very humid. This is typical of Chennai, the most uncomfortable place in India (according to the Indians and the internationals here).

Life on campus It's just cool here. There is always something going on and there will be a club with many activities for almost every hobby and interest. There are also music concerts and extra lectures by well-known Indian personalities from politics, business and art (EML Extra Murual Lecture). For example, there was a really good stand up comedian on Monday. There is also a film in the open air theater every Saturday. Pretty cool atmosphere and it's also very nice to see some Indian films in India. I recognize a lot of India in the films. Is really good. There are also activities organized especially for us international students by the iPALs group. With whom we should also organize and host the International Day together. It will be a really great event for sure, I'll tell you about it. Yes, life is really good here on campus.

In contrast to outside, here on campus, thanks to the abundance of nature, the air is nice and you can see lots of animals all the time. Just the monkeys, they are quite a nuisance when they walk through your hostel looking for food and drink.

Academic After the first midterm exams and quizzes are over, I can say that I have to work a lot more for the university in India than in Germany, since exams that only count 10% are quite difficult and I have to learn a lot from them. The tasks that I have to do in between and the project work with Indian students are also not easy. But I notice it takes me a lot further, in my thinking and in my actions. I also got a lot further intellectually than I would have ever thought possible.

So I can say so far that it is a lot of work, but the work is worth it. For the grades and more importantly for yourself. It's just great. You also get used to being careful during the lecture, since everything is only written on the blackboard. So I don't have to learn so much before the exams and can concentrate on what I can't. The practical understanding of what we have learned theoretically is very helpful, as we are more or less forced to cooperate here.

I am learning a lot in terms of scientific work and writing scientific papers, as well as research.

So and that's it for me again. Until next time.


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Weekend on campus

Last weekend I stayed at the campus and witnessed the activities that take place over the weekend.

It started on Saturday with the PG Freshie Nigth, a party for all post graduate students who have just started here. Post Graduate means Master or PhD. But we exchange students were also invited. It was a great evening with lots of contributions from Indians. There was a lot of fun. I left before the DJ night.

Then I watched the film Inside OUT in the open air theater. Even if the film was quite a nonsense, it was a unique atmosphere. Watching a movie outdoors is great, especially when the temperature is comfortable. It was only 27 degrees.

On Sunday morning I went to the Terry Fox Run, a run for the Terry Fox Foundation. The Terry Fox Foundation is an organization that helps people with cancer. I then walked the 6 kilometers through our campus. It was just a great experience to be out and about with so many people. The campus is made for such a run. The start and finish was the open air theater.

In the evening I listened to a lecture on madras and cricket and then I went swimming. So all in all a very eventful weekend. You can't get bored here on campus! It is always a lot going on!


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1 month in India

I have been in India for 1 month now, exactly 31 days! I want to use this time to tell you a little bit about my experience with Indians and the institute here. But first take a look at our video about traditional Indian food. Turned out pretty good:

India Most of the things I have learned about India in general so far is that I am not allowed to generalize India. India is a country of many different cultures and people. That's why I'm telling you a little bit about Tamil Nadu, the state I am in.

Tamil Nadu is a tropical area with very high, mostly rather uncomfortable temperatures. It's very humid here, so the temperature feels even higher. That's why I need around 5 liters of drinking water a day here.

The water supply here is enough for me alone for 1.5 days!

In addition, many tropical plants grow here. The main crops are bananas and mangoes. Salt is also extracted from the sea. There is a lot going on on the streets at any time of the day or night. What we call traffic jams is more harmless than the normal state here. Nevertheless it is a very fascinating country with many historical and cultural sights. Tamil Nadu itself is known for its many temples.

There's a lot of dirt all over the place, but we're always by the sea here. South India is great, but also quite exotic.

eat So far I have only got 2 types of food, either too spicy or too sweet. After a month I have to say that you get used to it. It is also really important to avoid anything that is uncooked or sold on the street. Even if there is always rice, the food is not monotonous.

When I'm on the road, I usually eat in international restaurants, just to eat something European again.

In the All the Indians I've met so far are pretty nice and always integrate you into everything right away. They also help you immediately with any problem and speak to you everywhere. You like to have a break in between and are not quite as fast at work as we are. In addition, there is no punctuality in India. The Indians are always late. Also, everyone here only eats with their hands. Apart from a spoon, they don't really know cutlery here either.

Overall, it is also becoming easier and easier to understand Indian English. So you don't have to have been great at school to get by here. If I don't understand something, everyone likes to repeat it again. The Indians are also generally quite small. Each of us feels so huge. The chairs in the classrooms are not designed for our size either.

campus There's everything on campus. Most Indians only leave campus twice a year, during the holidays between the semesters. The campus is clean and there is little traffic. Most of it here is well organized and there is a free bus on campus.

There are really many good sports facilities on campus such as swimming pools, fitness centers, badminton, tennis, cricket, soccer and much more. There is also a film every Saturday in the open air theater. A great atmosphere. There is also a lot else to do. Starting with cultural clubs, technical clubs, religion and many other activities in which we are also allowed to participate. We are also invited to everything by email. The Indians always ask us whether we want to take part, here or there. The only thing that is really difficult is to decide what to do, because unfortunately not everything is possible. I don't have that much time after all.

I started learning Hindi on Wednesday. This is also offered to us by the International Office for very little money. It is exciting to learn a language in your own country.

Academic The study here is quite exhausting, as the grade does not consist of 1-2 exams, but much more: I have several programming tasks in one subject, one end and two midterm exams and 3-4 unpopular exams. Like exes at school. And everything counts towards the final grade.

In another subject we have a research project, homework, programming tasks and end and mid term. Everything counts for the note. Also, due to the temperature, I'm not as productive here as in Germany. But not everything depends on one day and I am always forced to take part and pay attention. We also have to attend all lectures here. If I can't do something I ask one of my fellow students and most of the time the problem is something I don't know because it is typical of the Indian way of working. But it's all great fun and a great experience.

Overall, I can only advise everyone to do a semester abroad and India is great.

I will now report a little every month about what I have learned new in each month!

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Beginning of the lecture period

Hi guys,

The lecture period started here on Monday and by now I have already had two of my three courses.

I noticed a lot of differences to Germany: There are time slots for the lectures, so it can never happen that two courses partially overlap, and the rooms here are set up like old classrooms. The big disadvantage here is that my legs are too long to fit under the table.

Furthermore, theory lectures are not just theory, but programming tasks are always included in the grade. Then there is usually a project and there is a mid and an end term in each subject.

Overall, the professors are understandable, but I have to concentrate quite a bit to understand their Indi English. Fortunately, the lectures only last 50 minutes per unit, so that you can concentrate on it.

In addition, most of it is still written on the board, so I really have to take notes and take notes. Pretty exhausting. In general, however, the content is usually better prepared by the lecturers than in Germany and it is a lot of fun to learn new things.

Only the heat is pretty unbearable here. It’s not only like this for me, but also for the Indians themselves. Because many of them come from northern India, where it is much colder.

The second thing I did for the first time today was to go to the swimming pool and exercise before breakfast. I will continue this so that I come back from India trained and slim.

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Campus IITM

The IITM has a very large campus to discover. I started today. It took me 3 hours to walk around half of the campus. What sports facilities we have here is a swimming pool, badminton, basketball, tennis, soccer and a cricket stadium. Furthermore, a skating area and an open-air theater. All faculties are then housed in the Academic Zone. Since the campus is so large, a free bus runs between all areas every 15 minutes, but it can be quite full. I also bought a bike today so that I can get anywhere easier and faster.