What is computer art

What is computer art? An attempt at an answer and examples for interpretation
Matthias Weiss

In the classical art system, the fact that the computer was and is a tool and part of art is generally ignored, and has been around for almost as long as the machine itself has existed. A reappraisal of this story, which endeavors to embed it in the art-historical context, is still a desideratum - this is what Matthias Weiß claims. On the one hand, it clarifies the historicity of the phenomenon; on the other hand, it emphasizes the role of description to point out that a detailed examination enables a differentiation in the first place, so that comparisons between older and younger works can only be discovered and open spaces for a more in-depth understanding of computer art . [further]

A. On the ahistoricity of the computer art sceneFranke / Nees / AlslebenManfred MohrErwin Steller: Computer and ArtThree phases of computer artB. The descriptive analysis1. »Schotter« by Georg Nees2. Myron Krueger: »Videoplace«C. Software Art - Computer Art1. Alex McLean's "Forkbomb"2. Adrian Ward: "Auto Illustrator"D. In conclusion