What's great about Eminem

Concert in Hanover - The Eminem phenomenon

On the cover of his current album "Revival", he shows himself in pain and sorrowfully bends over the national flag of the Americans. His undershirt shines in the photo, it is his symbol, shows where he comes from and who has his largest following: the white lower class, still ignored by the rich upper class.

But his fans now have to pay upper class prices to get to the concerts. But that doesn't detract from the Eminem phenomenon.

He gives a voice to anger

He gives a voice to the angry young men from the broken industrial areas. He says "whatever goes through his head, what others think but don't dare to say". At the BET Hip Hop Awards 2017, he attacked Trump and his attitude after the rampage in Las Vegas and called him racist. His own story is also full of violence: friends and companions were murdered, his uncle, the only familiar confidante and father figure, shoots himself. He never knew his birth father, his drug-ill mother, overwhelmed by herself, was 17 years old when he was born.

In “My Name is” he raps “Just found out, my mom does more dope than I do”. The addressed goes to court with a lawsuit. Kim, the on-and-off wife, is worse off. A song about her escalates in the end with her brutal death. He counters accusations of the glorification of violence in his texts with the “lyrical me”. He is accused of gutter language, “fuck” and worse, homophobia and misogyny, for Eminem this is “ironically inflated stereotypical rapper behavior” - “When you see my father, tell him I slit his throat in the dream I had. "

Allow time for security checks

What is the best way to get to the concert? Organizer Hannover Concerts recommends taking public transport. The admission ticket is valid as a ticket in the GVH area from three hours before the event until 5 a.m. the following day. If you still come by car, you should take advantage of the Park & ​​Ride offers at the S-Bahn stations and at the Üstra stops. Visitors should allow enough time to pass the security checks in a relaxed manner. Important: Children under the age of 16 are only allowed access to the concert if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Eminem concert on the exhibition grounds opens at 4 p.m. The concert begins at 7 p.m. and starts with two support groups. The mega hip-hop concert ends at 11 p.m. The opening act for Eminem is the rapper 2 Chainz and Royce 5'9 ".

Prohibited items include cameras, weapons / knives, umbrellas, cans / bottles as well as backpacks and suitcases. Only bags up to A4 in size are allowed.

The concert with 75,000 visitors at the exhibition center is already sold out. Tickets are now being offered on the black market and in various Facebook groups, but the organizer Hannover Concerts advises against buying these tickets.

But because Eminem can soon only endure drugs, what must come comes - in 2007 he collapses. After staying in rehab clinics, he has been "clean" again since 2008.

The albums “Relapse”, “Recovery” and “Revival” have this order for a reason. The "Rap God" returns - in 2013 he had a hit with Rihanna with "The Monster". Eminem raps at a high level, strong songs can be heard regularly on his albums, which further consolidate his status as a brilliant rapper.

The stars come when he calls

Eminem likes to use audio effects, in a duet with Beyoncé he tears up letters, acts sensitively, then in turn lets shots play in his songs, which panic some concertgoers when performing in the USA.

The rap thunderstorm on "Offended" is reminiscent of the rap volleys from "Rap God", where he disses at high speed: "You make elevator music ..., it's not Hip Hop, it's Pop." But "Revival" has become more accommodating, Eminem raps samples from Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", lets Ed Sheeran sing the ballad-like "River", has Alicia Keys in her portfolio, as does Pink on "Need me".

The stars come when he calls, moral concerns or not. And 75,000 fans are expected for the concert at the local exhibition center, which sold out quickly, as it is the only show in Germany.

Generations come to Eminem: he is a legend for the young rap fans, the fans from his time like to remember the past - like with the song "In Your Head", with the sample of "Zombie", the hit of the cranberries.

Who will the audience in Hanover see? The underdog, the millionaire, the violent criminal, the women and gay haters? Presumably they get all facets of the lonely white trash hero. And so the 45-year-old Eminem raps in 2018 about father, mother, Kim, scolds and rages against competitors, minorities and women - and is still controversial and damn loud.

By Kai Schiering