Turkish men really shave their armpits

This is why men should shave their armpits

Almost every second German man currently wears a beard. While the hair on the face is very popular, the hair under the arms is mostly rejected. A survey by YouGov found that two-thirds of women find hairy armpits unaesthetic - meaning unsexy - in men. Reason enough to remove it? For many it is. But not only the aesthetics is an issue.

Armpit hair is also simply unhygienic. Without hair, sweat flows off better and less accumulates under the armpits. The armpit, which is always at body temperature and is not well ventilated, offers ideal living and reproduction conditions for bacteria that are responsible for the formation of unpleasant odors. "If the hair is removed or at least trimmed, it reduces the surface on which sweat, odor-causing bacteria and fungi can spread," explains Jörg Westhues, deodorant expert at Rexona.

Men who suffer from sweat odor quickly and frequently should therefore think quickly about getting rid of the hair under their arms.

The best armpit sweat strategies

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Shaved armpits don't smell like sweat so easily

What are the arguments in favor of armpit hair?

Armpit hair ensures better cooling

"One advantage of armpit hair is that it catches sweat and it evaporates faster this way," says Jörg Westhues. For this reason, people who live in hot climates have, due to their evolution, a thicker armpit hair, since the armpit sweat serves to cool the body. Athletes who often do strenuous training have to weigh up here.

Shaved skin is more sensitive

The skin under the armpits is sensitive. Regular depilation of hair can lead to painful irritation for some men. Hairy skin in the armpits, on the other hand, is less sensitive.

What is the best way to remove armpit hair?

There are numerous methods to remove armpit hair. It goes very quickly with the razor or a depilatory cream, it becomes more long-lasting with a waxing and you get rid of the fur permanently with a laser. "In the end, every man has to decide for himself which method is the best for him. That also depends on time, budget, sensitivity to pain and the desired effect," says Westhues. In order to make it easier for you to decide which method to use, we compare the 4 most common depilatory methods for the armpits below.

1.  Shave armpit hair

Most men prefer wet shaving when removing body hair. No wonder, because: "Shaving is a simple, painless and comparatively inexpensive method to remove armpit hair," says Westhues. Do you urgently need a new model? How about one of these three razors?

This is how you shave properly when wet

Which direction should I shave my armpits in?

And this is how it works: armpit hair should always come from aboveand are shaved from below for the simple reason that they also grow in both directions. "It is advisable to stretch your arm far back while shaving. This tightens the skin in the armpit region and enables it to be shaved more thoroughly," advises Westhues. Tip: If you are shaving armpit hair for the first time, you should trim it with scissors beforehand. Otherwise the long hair can get tangled in the razor and that is extremely uncomfortable. The downside of shaving is that only the visible part of the hair is removed and the stubble grows back quickly.

The best tools against body hair

2. Remove armpit hair with depilatory cream

Depilatory cream is applied to the skin in a thick layer and then has to act for 10 minutes. With the help of chemicals, the hair is dissolved and the remains are then washed off. This works well on robust areas of skin such as the legs. In sensitive areas, such as the armpits, painful reddening is not infrequently the result. Another problem: As with shaving, the hair is only removed superficially and grows back quickly. Advantage of the depilatory cream: it can be applied without major dislocations and is painless - if there is no reddening of the skin. Order extra gentle hair removal cream for men at amazon.de

3. Waxing promises smooth armpits for weeks

Regardless of whether you buy cold wax strips in the drugstore or go to a hair removal studio: Waxing is anything but painless. Because the hair and its roots are plucked from the skin. Men who can endure the pain can look forward to a smooth result that lasts for several weeks. Take courage: First of all, it doesn't hurt that much in the long run and, secondly, it also contributes to less hair growing in the future.

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You can get rid of armpit hair permanently with IPL

4. With IPL light flashes permanently against armpit hair

If you want to get rid of your armpit hair permanently and without pain, you should familiarize yourself with the IPL method. The hair roots are "bombarded" with - by the way completely harmless - flashes of light, as a result of which the roots stop their hair production. Such laser guns, which can be used all over the body, cost between 150 and 600 euros. You can also have the light flash treatment carried out by a professional in special beauty studios. Then you should plan several treatments and costs of around 45 euros per session.

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Conclusion: however you do it, the armpit hair has to go

Women do not like to grow wild under the arms of men. But it is also a fact: pimples and reddened skin are even less attractive than hair. So if the skin turns red or pimples and pustules appear, you should give the skin a break, regardless of the hair removal method. Our tip: then trim your armpit hair to a uniform length or shortness that no longer pricks. Looks well-groomed and gives the skin under the arms a breather.

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