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Donation ethics

Donations are part of a living democracy. Only parties that have regular income can seriously and at a high level contribute to the decision-making of the people. And that is their mandate according to our constitution. Our constitution even expects political parties to finance themselves primarily from membership fees and donations. Because the Federal Constitutional Court has ruled several times that the sum of public funds that accrue to a party must not be higher than the sum of its own income. With donations to political parties, citizens and companies express their sympathy and commitment to a functioning democracy.

Support of the FDP

Donations to political parties are tax deductible. As a private person, you can claim your donation to the FDP up to € 3,300 per year for tax purposes, with joint assessment up to € 6,600, regardless of whether you also donate to associations or for other charitable purposes.

A donation of 500 € costs you 250 € in the best case and means up to 725 € for the FDP, because:

1. The tax relief is staggered.

For the first € 1,650 or € 3,300, exactly 50% of the donated sum will be deducted from your tax liability in accordance with Section 34g EstG. You can claim additional contributions up to the amount of 1,650 € or 3,300 € according to § 10b EstG in your tax return as a special expense. You therefore reduce the tax payment by the amount of the individual tax rate.

2. Every euro you donate to us is worth up to € 1.45.

For donations of up to € 3,300 per natural person and year, the FDP receives up to € 0.45 for every euro donated as part of the state support of the parties.

Donors enjoy data protection

There are good reasons - apart from the exceptions below - the data of our donors are treated confidentially. However, we are legally obliged to record the names and addresses of all of our donors.

You can't hide large donations.

Why also? Donations over € 10,000 are published with the name and address of the donor in the annual report of the Free Democratic Party. Donations of over € 50,000 in individual cases are immediately reported to the President of the German Bundestag and published by him promptly - usually within a few days - as Bundestag printed matter.

You can't buy a policy. Nobody can do that. Not even a major donor. You will not receive any specific political consideration for your donation. But with your donation you support the cause of freedom in the political system of our country. This is nothing in return, but it is our obligation as enlightened citizens and ultimately our mutual success.

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