What is the best panty for men

The best underpants for men in the check

Let's be honest: How many underpants in your panty drawer have holes? Probably too many. So it's time to dispose of the old scraps and make space for new, hole-free panties.

What to look for when buying underpants

If you want to spruce up your panties drawer, you should pay particular attention to the material of your new panties in addition to the fit. Many believe that pure cotton is the best material for underpants, but we actually recommend models with a mix of cotton, viscose, polyester and elastane. Reason: Cotton absorbs too much moisture and also binds odors. Modern synthetic fibers are more breathable and are also characterized by a high level of comfort and a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Buying underpants: these are our favorites

Which parts we can particularly recommend to you? We scoured the internet for the best (and most comfortable) underpants and found these briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, long johns and sports briefs:

Classic: The best panties for men

Men's panties have a bad reputation for killing love, but they're not that bad. They do not slip, they provide support for everything that needs support and do not squeeze under skinny jeans or slim-fit trousers. A distinction is made between deep-seated briefs that are worn on the hips and slightly higher-cut briefs that end just below the navel. The latter is certainly a bit more comfortable, but is not particularly popular in the bedroom (keyword: love killer). Our favourite: the men's briefs from Calvin Klein *.

Men's briefs by Calvin Klein - from 23.00 euros (three pairs) at Amazon *

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Don't pinch: the best boxer shorts

Boxer shorts are comfortable and do not pinch because they are cut a little wider. They are particularly suitable for men who do not feel like wearing tight, pinching underpants. They are very comfortable to wear and flatter the figure if you don't have a washboard stomach. This is particularly advantageous in the bedroom, where boxer shorts are generally well received. The disadvantage of these underpants, however, is that they offer less support than other models. Our favourite: the boxer shorts from Lower East *.

Boxer shorts by Lower East - from 22.46 euros (six pairs, also available in packs of ten) at Amazon *

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Particularly popular: the best boxer briefs

Boxer briefs are, so to speak, the Volkswagen underpants - they are suitable for everyone. They are a hybrid of boxer shorts and briefs that combine the advantages of the two types of underpants. So they are not as unsexy as panties and offer more support than the wide boxer shorts, in which some men feel a little naked. Boxer briefs are by far the most popular type of underpants that not only appeal to the wearer, but are also well received in the bedroom. Our favourite: the boxer briefs from Levi's *.

Boxer briefs from Levi's - from 12.99 euros (two pairs) on Amazon *

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Warm: The best long underpants

Winter vacation is just around the corner or is the next cold spell announced? Then you need something to be able to face the freezing temperatures. You can do this with long johns. The warm parts may not be particularly sexy, but fluffy, warm and cuddly (which is much more important in the cold anyway). Our favourite: The thermal underpants from Lapasa *.

Thermal underpants by Lapasa - from 15.99 euros (two pairs) at Amazon *

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Athletic: The best underpants for the gym

Especially when it comes to sports, underpants are always a thing of the past. They shouldn't pinch, offer enough support and definitely be breathable and absorb sweat - that's more than conventional underpants can do. That is why there are underpants that have been specially developed for sports. They are made of different materials and have additional properties that make them ideal for athletes. Our favourite: the compression shorts from Roadbox *.

Roadbox quick-drying compression shorts - from 22.99 euros (three pairs) at Amazon *

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