What is workers compensation insurance

Working from home: what are your rights and obligations?

Can my employer use specific software or something similar? check whether I work my agreed working hours in the home office?

Control systems that only have the purpose of monitoring employees while they are performing their work are not permitted in the company or in the home office. As a result, work presence in the private workplace must not be continuously monitored and controlled. Provided that the employees are informed in advance, an appropriate monitoring of the safety or a control of the work productivity in compliance with the principle of proportionality is permitted.

In the home office, I am much more distracted by the children, roommates, etc. and therefore less productive. Do I have to work overtime?

In principle, it must also be ensured in the home office that you can work undisturbed. Work that is not done for the employer (e.g. childcare) may not be counted as working time.

If the conditions for working at home are unsuitable, an interview with the employer should be sought. However, the hurdles that make home office unreasonable are set high

Because of back problems, I had to buy a standing desk and a special chair for the home office. Can I charge the costs to my employer?

That must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you work from home for a longer period of time, you must make sure that you have a suitable workplace and that it is ergonomically set up.

Since your employer cannot carry out any checks in your home, your personal responsibility is required here. If new furniture has to be purchased because the private workplace - especially if it is used intensively and for longer periods - does not comply with health regulations, the employer should contribute to the costs. However, the company is not obliged to provide every employee with an ideal home office.