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A sporty appearance can go a long way towards maintaining a healthy level of self-esteem. However, with a spontaneous invitation to a cocktail party, there is not enough time for the To bring the body into shape accordingly. If you value a flawless figure despite the small buttocks and belly pads, shapewear can do the appropriate support Offer.

Shapewear is now used by both sexes seen as a welcome opportunity to give your figure a little boost. Find out in the article which Types of shapewear there is and what is important in a shapewear test.

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the essentials in brief
  • Shapewear consists of elastic materials that hug the body closely. Like conventional underwear, shapewear is usually worn under normal clothing.
  • Shapewear can effectively conceal the unloved love handles on the buttocks, stomach and hips. Thanks to its supportive effect, shapewear can also provide women with an attractive cleavage. The waist can also be perfectly accentuated with matching shapewear.
  • Shapewear is available for the buttocks and legs as well as for the upper body. In addition to shapewear that is worn as underwear, there is also shapewear in the form of everyday clothing in a wide variety of looks.

The Figure-shaping lingerie, which is known as shapewear or sometimes also as functional underwear, is worn under clothing, just like lingerie and other underwear. Shapewear is not a substitute for exercise, but it can help get the body in shape, at least for a short time. The result is one attractive figure with a handsome silhouette in no time at all.

1. In which variants are shapewear for men and shapewear for women available as underwear or clothing?

In our shapewear comparison on BILD.de, we show you a selection of popular shapewear for women and shapewear for men, as can also be found in current shapewear tests. Shapewear for men is mostly, but not exclusively, worn as underwear. Shapewear undershirts, shapewear briefs and numerous other shapes are available.

Shapewear undershirts and shapewear briefs are not only available as shapewear for men, but also for women. The choice for the figure-conscious women is even bigger. Shapewear tops are just as popular as shapewear bodies.

In addition to the shapewear tops and shapewear bodies, the so-called suits are also popular shape the body from the thighs to the cleavagebring. The variety of different shapes presented in shapewear tests by the shapewear specialist Spanx and the other manufacturers is extraordinarily diverse - so there is something for every outfit.

The overview table on BILD.de gives you an insight into the multifaceted shapewear fashion:

Shapewear typeproperties
Shapewear pants
  • short and long legged models
  • available for women and men
  • gets your legs, thighs, buttocks and hips in shape
  • Variations from leggings to panties available
Shapewear shirt
  • brings the upper body into shape
  • available for men and women (t-shirt, tank top, etc.)
  • available in different colors and designs from nude to multicolored
Shapewear clothing
  • suitable for everyday activities
  • available in different designs
  • Jeans-look leggings or sports leggings are particularly popular
  • T-shirts, tops and other outerwear for a toned figure

2. Suits impress with their perfect silhouette in shapewear tests - what else do they offer?

If a coherent overall picture is important to you, a suit is an interesting option. Suits shape and show both the lower and upper body no unsightly transitions. In the shapewear comparison on BILD.de and the current tests on figure-shaping underwear, there are also numerous other cuts that can be used to conceal problem areas.

One popular category is Shapewear for the stomach. But shapewear dresses, shapewear bras, shapewear leggings, shapewear boxer shorts and shapewear with lace are also popular.

So that shapewear can actually perform its function, the size of the shapewear is important. The question of whether a piece of clothing is seamless or not also plays a role for many users in a shapewear test. Other aspects are the material, the color and of course the price.

Shapewear conceals problem areas with little effort and, above all, immediately. So that the joy of a well-formed body is not diminished, you should pay attention to the right size. Shapewear that is too small can easily have the opposite effect and cause unsightly constrictions.

2.1. Shapewear pants - slim legs for women and men

The different shapes of shapewear pants are appreciated by both women and men. They not only hide love handles, but also provide an overall effect tight appearance.

  • are commercially available for men and women
  • short and long forms available
  • shaping properties with simultaneous wearing comfort
  • sometimes a lot of effort to put on
  • only partially suitable in combination with shorts or skirts

2.2. Shapewear shirt - great variety in outerwear

The different shapes of shapewear shirts are particularly popular. There are numerous for both women and men different models available.

  • large variety of models with different colors and patterns
  • hide love handles on the stomach and hips
  • Emphasis on the chest and arm muscles
  • possibly constricting wearing comfort

2.3. Shapewear suit - avoids unsightly transitions

The suits are particularly popular with women, but are also available for men. In their longest form, from the neck to the feet, they ensure a good figure from a single source. Unsightly transitions are avoided.

  • no unsightly transition areas
  • a single garment for the upper and lower body
  • available for women and men
  • quite a lot of effort to put on
  • possibly constricting body feeling

2.4. Shapewear in tests: second skin that is impressive

Characteristic for shapewear that can be worn as clothing is the skin-tight cut in connection with a street-ready design. Imitation jeans are available as well as sporty looks and models in black, which are easily available worn to go out can be.

  • models suitable for everyday use
  • especially interesting for the warm season
  • available in different styles
  • only suitable to a limited extent for low temperatures
  • cannot be worn for every occasion

3. Are there simple models at low prices?

As current tests by shapewear show, inexpensive shapewear can be had for less than ten euros. These are mostly shorts or simple shirts. If you want to spend a little more on the best fitting shapewear, find your own personal shapewear test winner between ten and 30 euros a large selection.

Before you buy shapewear is one Purchase advice is not absolutely necessary. A little self-research on the Internet is usually sufficient to find out about the current trends. Current test results from Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest are not available in this area, but can be found on the Internet lots of useful posts in the form of product reviews and user experiences.

We have one in the following List of 2021 popular brands and manufacturers have been compiled for you for orientation. In addition to shapewear from Spanx and Triumph shapewear, you will also find some lesser-known brands.

Simple means of increasing self-confidence

The pressure that rests on each and every one of us in terms of external appearance is enormous nowadays. Shapewear offers a quick and easy as well as effective way to successfully conceal the small imperfections of your own figure and to ensure more self-confidence.

  • Playtex
  • Naturana
  • Maidenform
  • Body wrap
  • Great Donna
  • Spanx
  • triumph

4. What interesting questions about shapewear should you ask yourself?

4.1. What is the best way to care for and clean my shapewear?

Like conventional underwear, shapewear can easily be washed put in the washing machine become. However, depending on the material, you should avoid high temperatures, the use of fabric softener and intensive spinning. The manufacturers usually give very precise instructions on the labels on how to care for a certain shapewear textile.

Tip: Shapewear clothing, which is worn as a replacement for conventional shorts or T-shirts, is enjoying increasing popularity, especially in the fitness sector. Fashionably designed shapewear not only brings your body into shape, but can also impress with a successful design.

4.2. What kind of shapewear do I wear with which garment?

When it comes to choosing your shapewear, you are not initially subject to any restrictions. Shapewear that is ideal as underwear is ideal optically not in the foreground urges. Shapewear pants are just as suitable under a dress as a figure-shaping petticoat. Some suits also allow a deep cleavage due to their cut.

Shapewear pants are usually high-cut so that they hide small pockets on the hips and stomach. So they don't necessarily go with the crop top.

Also note that Shapewear underwear does not go with semi-transparent tops or blouses fits - especially if the color of the underwear is darker than the outerwear itself.

Breakfast television says to our comparison winner

How many different manufacturers does the shapewear comparison relate to?

Our aim is to refer to as many different manufacturers and products as possible in our shapewear comparison in order to offer an optimal overview of the range. That is why 23 different manufacturers are represented in our comparison. More information "

What average price do you have to expect if you are interested in shapewear?

Anyone interested in shapewear should expect a price of around 28 euros. For example, the price-performance winner Aibrou women's shapewear from our comparison, which costs 13.99 euros, offers a balanced ratio of low price and good quality. More information "

Which shapewear from the comparison did other customers particularly like?

Other customers particularly appreciate the Under Armor compression shirt. This is expressed in a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for shapewear. More information "

Which manufacturers made a particularly good impression on our editorial team with their shapewear models?

The DELIMIRA women's girdle pants made the best impression in our product comparison: Of all the shapewear models listed, this product was the only one to receive the rating "VERY GOOD". More information "

Shapewear in the test or comparison - all products at a glance

modelAreaCut shapeOrder shapewear
DELIMIRA women's girdle pants (comparison winner)Stomach, thighs, hips, buttocksGirdle pantsTo Amazon
To eBay
Aibrou women shapewear (price-performance winner)Belly, buttocksBodice bodyTo Amazon
To eBay
Sleex girdle pantsStomach, legs, buttocksGirdle pantsTo Amazon
To eBay
wirarpa panty briefsBelly, buttocksPanty briefsTo Amazon
To eBay
Zenacross compression shirtBelly, chestCompression shirtTo Amazon
To eBay
AMZSPORT compression tank topBelly, chestTank topTo Amazon
To eBay
Angool briefsBelly, buttocksPanty briefsTo Amazon
To eBay
InsichtBra undershirtBreast bellyUndershirtTo Amazon
To eBay
Wolbar briefsbellyPanty briefsTo Amazon
To eBay
Triumph shaping bodyBelly, buttocksbodyTo Amazon
To eBay
Gotoly Shapewear Tank TopBreast bellyTank topTo Amazon
To eBay
Bingrong compression shirtBelly, chestCompression shirtTo Amazon
To eBay
L & K-II bodice stringBelly, buttocksBodice stringTo Amazon
To eBay
Libella panty briefsBelly, buttocksPanty briefsTo Amazon
To eBay
Sassa panty briefsBelly, buttocksPanty briefsTo Amazon
To eBay
Zerobodies Belly Off Shirt SS-M01bellyUndershirtTo Amazon
To eBay
SodaCoda undershirt (price-performance winner)Breast bellyUndershirtTo Amazon
To eBay
Eldar girdle pantsStomach, legs, buttocksGirdle pantsTo Amazon
To eBay
Susa pantyhoseStomach, legs, buttocksGirdle pantsTo Amazon
To eBay
Naturana bodice pantsStomach, legs, buttocksGirdle pantsTo Amazon
To eBay
Under Armor compression shirtBelly, chestCompression shirtTo Amazon
To eBay
Skin wrap high slipBelly, buttocksPanty briefsTo Amazon
To eBay
Spanx compression undershirtBreast bellyT-shirtTo Amazon
To eBay

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