Love girls as much as men

8 ways strong women often get in their own way

Strong women often make life difficult for themselves. Why not change the mode and discover how easy it is to do a lot at once? A song of praise to the multifaceted femininity in which we can be strong and weak.

Anyone who deals with the role of women in work and in society will quickly come to the conclusion that discrimination is always the order of the day, even in our part of the world. On average, women earn up to 40 percent less than their male colleagues, and many men still do not have the respect that they should show us as a matter of course. It is good and important that we make ourselves strong for ourselves and for other women. And we must by no means put up with disadvantage.

And now comes the big “but”: There are always situations in which we overshoot our goal and get lost in our struggle for independence and equality. On the other hand, there is a great need for harmony and the desire for recognition. Every person, whether woman or man, has this in a certain form - women probably tend even more.

Real power women always find themselves in one or more of the following behavioral patterns, which - not always, but nevertheless - often hinder more than good. Read for yourself:

1. Don't accept help

"Oh no, I can do it myself!" is a mental companion who stands at the beginning of many problems. Because in the end we are only blocking ourselves. Why on earth, should we please do everything ourselves and all by ourselves? Much better: actively ask for help. And accept the help too!

2. Don't show feelings

Many strong women think that being sad or angry is weakness. Although they are strong at work and in private life, many successful women think that they have to cover up their feelings in front of others. But whoever hides behind a poker face should not be surprised if needs and wishes are not taken into account and therefore not “taken seriously”. The beam smile is a feminine phenomenon: Even as little girls we were brought up to adapt to the expectations of others and to always be “nice” and “nice”. That also means: We are trimmed to always maintain our composure and just not to lose face. This often continues into adulthood, until a woman recognizes the pattern that it is always about the other and never about herself.

No more: It's better to say more often and show what's going on. It doesn't matter if we make ourselves really unpopular with it. Whoever is Everybody’s Darling always makes others happy, but not exactly one person: the most important person in our life - yourself. And we really don't want that, do we?

3. Demand too much of yourself

With perfectionism in their blood, they believe that they have to master everything along the lines of the illusory media world: career, child, relationship, business,…. whatever appears on the radar screen of life needs to be managed and mastered with flying colors. We should finally realize that this is not possible, ladies. We don't need a perfect apartment, a perfect body, a perfect child and anything. Let's celebrate our imperfection and show how happy we are about it.

4. Be snippy with men

Okay, okay, of course: strong women don't need a man, of course, that's well known. Nobody would dare to doubt it. But why not? Well, maybe you don't “need” a man, but you would want and love him ... and then somehow a “need” becomes out of it. Nevertheless, Superwoman keeps slipping a cynical word when it comes to the lords of creation. Unfortunately, in many situations, these messages go in exactly the wrong direction. Because just as we women are not perfect, neither are men. And that's good. We should also get used to the phrase “typical man” very quickly. She's really stupid because she lies to us so often.

5. Always wanting to give everyone their opinion

Many strong women are formally born to defy and be rebellious. While, as I said, it is very important not to put up with anything, the rebellion sometimes turns into an uprising for no reason and on principle. In practice, it is just unfortunate that the constant abuse does not lead to friendships. But let's be honest: do we need them? Not at any price, as I already made clear in point 2. But sometimes it is worth looking twice to assess the situation correctly - and not immediately fetching the cannonballs from the warehouse. To show everyone with kettledrums and grenades that “we can do different things”. It is often the case that we draw the short straw ...

6. Don't compliment men

If he did something wrong, all hell breaks loose with us. But tell me once what is really great about him ... hmmm ... strong women have their problems with it every now and then. Right? Hello girls! Let's not take it so strictly if something doesn't go the way we wanted it to. Because in other moments we can be really happy with our loved ones. Men love compliments and admiration - at least as much as we do.

7. Not being able to accept what is good about oneself

Behind the perfect facade of the super woman there is often a girl who often cannot (or does not want to?) Believe herself when others say: "You are really great!" Why actually? Let's let others see how wonderful we are and let's just enjoy it ...

8. Prone to helper syndrome

Because power women master, check and have everything under control, it is easy for them to solve the problems of others as well. They do that with the left hand side and side by side. At least at the beginning. But it doesn't take long before your own power reserves come to the test and dilute more and more. In favor of the other. Usually there is a self-esteem issue behind the helper syndrome. Helping others also helps avoid having to look at one's own problems. In order to close these gaps in themselves, some power women are often particularly good at helping others with some things with total devotion. Attention ladies: take care of your strength!

As you can see, we don't have to choose whether we are strong, independent and invincible or weak, needy and sensitive. We can be everything.

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