What can a certified first responder do

Company first aiders

First aiders can only be those who are trained in first aid.

Minimum number of first aiders in the company
(§ 26, DGUV regulation 1):

  • From 2 to 20 insured persons present, 1 first aider
  • If more than 20 insured persons are present
    • in administrative and commercial establishments 5% of the number of insured persons present,
    • in other establishments 10% of the insured persons present.
  • 1 first aider per group of children in day-care centers
  • 10% of employees in universities.

The first aid training consists of the first aid course (9 teaching units).

In order to remain a first aider, further training is required at least every 2 years through the so-called first aid training (9 teaching units).

Both courses can only be carried out by specially authorized bodies. You can find this on the list of authorized bodies (Section 26 (2), DGUV regulation 1).

The course fees are borne by the accident insurance institutions in the form of flat fees and settled directly with the training centers. There are no further course fees, neither for the participants nor for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur only bears the costs for continued payment of remuneration and travel expenses.

Registration process

As a rule, the entrepreneur registers the future first aiders for training with an authorized body. To do this, he forwards the completed registration form (PDF, 31 kB) to the training center for binding registration.

After successfully participating in the first-aid course, the entrepreneur must name the employee as the first-aider in the company.

It lends itself to z. B. clearly indicate this special function by awarding a certificate of appointment (PDF, 11 kB).