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Dear friends and fans of the Meidericher Spielverein

on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 6:30 p.m., two teams will meet in the Schauinslandreisen arena, whose starting position and objectives could not have been more different. While for our zebras it was only about keeping the class in the 2nd division, our guests from Flinger Broich were at least included in the extended circle of promoters. The fans are correspondingly disillusioned with the season so far.

Founded on May 5, 1895 in the former Düsseldorf working-class district of Flingern, Fortuna has had a sporty rollercoaster ride over the past 20 years, which even led it to fourth class from 2002 to 2004. The consolidation took place from 2004 and ended with promotion to the 1st Bundesliga in 2012, which was followed by descent at the end of the season under a coach who was also known in Duisburg, Norbert Meier. Meier had led the zebras into the first league in the 2004/2005 season.
Now a well-known face in Duisburg, Friedhelm Funkel, as the third coach in the current season, should prevent Fortuna from falling again into the third division. In the mid-nineties, Sparkle had a successful time at Wedau with participation in the DFB Cup final and participation in so-called kebab cup at that time.

In the current season, Fortuna, with its first division experienced players such as Ya Konan,
Sararer, Madlung, Ex Zebra Bodzek, Ex Zebra Jule Koch, spiked squad the penultimate place with ten points in the back round table and with eleven points 16th place in the away table.

Our zebras:

After the forced relegation in 2013, which almost led our club to bankruptcy as a result of years of mismanagement, it was surprisingly quick to move up to the second division again. Apparently some of our staff and our financial framework are still in the third division, so that the season and squad planning was not well thought out and structured, with the result that our playing club was stuck to the bottom of the table for almost the entire season and after the game against 1. FC Heidenheim already stumbled towards the third division rather hopelessly. The team under Gruev, who was signed for Lettieri, has impressively reported back with a strong fighting performance in Nuremberg and a happy victory against relegation competitor 1860 Munich and can even climb to a relegation place the day after tomorrow with a victory with 28 points. Ilja Gruev seems to have understood it with discipline, order and optimism to have managed to give the team more stability and self-confidence.

To the game
The tram party has a long tradition that goes back to the Oberliga West, and some joint first division seasons have brought tense games.
The signs the day after tomorrow are unmistakable and clear for our gaming club. One victory and there is still hope. The fans have delivered and the arena is sold out - everything is ready for a big fight.
Both clubs are once again at a crossroads and there is a lot at stake. Nevertheless, the fans should leave it to the two teams on the pitch to set off fireworks and fight the fight in a sporty way. I hope for a fair game and a Vaud Stadium that is overflowing with enthusiasm but peacefully in blue and white.

So zebras, show your attitude, step on the gas and beat Fortuna Düsseldorf. I am cautiously optimistic that I will be able to buy my season ticket for the second division again in the coming season. Here we go.

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Gustav von Rochow