What is the Manchester United Tagline

“United we stand” - under this motto a ManUtd fan is blocking the city rival's plans for a training center with a creative campaign

Manchester.Manchester City wanted to enlarge the club's training center and offered for an adjacent property. But those responsible would hardly have expected that: The owner of the site, Shaun O’Brien, is an ardent Manchester United fan. When the club began to threaten him, the businessman divided his property into small parts and now sells them to the worldwide fan community on the Internet.

"United we stand"

Shaun O’Brien cannot be blamed for a lack of creativity. The owner of the property, on which Manchester City wants to expand their training center for 119 million, fought against the sheikh millions. True to the Manchester United motto “United we stand”, the businessman tries to rebel against it.

As the BBC reported, the British was less about a dispute between the two city rivals, but about the way in which he was treated by those responsible for the "Citizens" and the city of Manchester and how they want to realize their plans. He said that he had only been presented with an offer that was far below the actual value and that if he did not accept it, he would be prosecuted.

5000 parts for sale

O’Brien is aware that Manchester City will one day own the property, but he cannot simply give his own land away. That is why he divided the site into 5,000 small parts that can be purchased on a website he set up (“Unite against City”) for just under 300 euros. This is intended to make negotiations more difficult for those responsible.

A report from Manchester Evening News As a result, O’Brien had rejected an offer of around 1.2 million euros, whereupon Manchester City had applied to the city council for expropriation. All United fans who want to support O’Brien's campaign should hurry up, only a few parts are available on the website.

Your opinion: What do you think of Shaun O’Brien's action?

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