Is a finger tattoo a bad idea

Finger tattoos? How durable are they really?

A few years ago it was frowned upon, today it is trendy. Even models and movie stars proudly flaunt their finger tattoos. It is understandable that one or the other quickly feels the need to wear such body jewelry themselves. However, tattoos on the finger should not be underestimated. The spot is not only permanently visible (unless, of course, you wear gloves) and not necessarily socially recognized, but also constantly in motion, which greatly affects the durability. In addition, the fingers are very sensitive, which can make pricking a real pain.


Durability of finger tattoos

There are two factors that have a strong influence on the durability of tattoos on the fingers: On the one hand, all parts of the body move the fingers with the most, which causes the ink to run. The skin on the hands also renews itself more frequently and is worn off, which can also cause the color intensity to be lost. And last but not least, the hands are heavily exposed to sunlight, which of course also damages a tattoo. You cannot say in general how long a finger tattoo will last. It all depends on the position on the finger, the daily habits of the wearer, the quality of the ink, the skills of the tattoo artist and more incalculable things. In principle, of course, a tattoo on the finger joint or on the inside of the hand is even less durable than on the upper side of the phalanx, but all of this can vary from person to person. You should also take care of your tattoos - especially on your hands and fingers. A small but intensive helper is the TattooMed Sun protection Stick LFS30 in the summer months. You can find it here in the shop under "Sun Protection".
For first aid we have the TattooMed After Tattoo, which should be your loyal companion for approx. 2-3 weeks in order to get the best possible result.


Going with the trend - finger tattoos

Do you already have a lot of tattoos? Has the desire for a finger tattoo been around for a long time? Are you completely sure that getting a tattoo on your hands will not cause you any problems at work? Are you aware that there will be critical glances from many people? - If you were able to answer "yes" to all of these questions with a clear conscience, then you can get the tattoo artist you trust to prick your fingers. Otherwise it looks rather bad at serious studios. Getting a tattoo on the fingers of a "tattoo beginner" is almost grossly negligent. Many underestimate the external impact that such a tattoo can have, especially if they have not yet had any tattoos. A tattoo should always be carefully considered and only done if you are fully convinced - not because a model wears one on Instagram.


Finger tattoos - what should I look out for?

Are you really convinced that you will get a tattoo that will almost always be visible? Then please note the following tips: Tattoos on the palm of the hand will not stay really beautiful for long, as will the side of the fingers. These places are really not recommended, as are the joints. If you decide to have a tattoo on the top of your finger, make sure that you don't choose a motif that is too filigree and ornate. Because as soon as it starts to run out, you will soon regret your decision. If your tattoo artist has any objections - accept them! After all, you are a "walking business card" for his work and should represent his work well. Not all motifs are also suitable for being pricked on the finger, especially small motifs. By the way, if you weren't too sensitive to pain with your other tattoos, it's more likely that you can take a finger tattoo well. Many people find tattooing the particularly thin skin, which is also close to the bone, particularly painful. But if all doubts and ambiguities have been removed, you can have a lot of fun with a finger tattoo. At best, choose a simple, rather straightforward motif that you can easily have re-engraved after a while in an emergency if the color has faded or has run. So you play it safe. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your tattoo will be as beautiful as it was in the first few months. But our products will definitely give you - and your skin - the best possible care. So you have the best chance of enjoying your finger tattoos for a long time.