Black men have bigger penises

As in ancient times: a large penis makes men attractive

Canberra (Australia) - Appearances such as size, body shape and features of the face influence the sexual attractiveness of men today. In earlier times of human evolution, the naked, upright men also offered a clear view of the genitals. This could have played a role for women when choosing a sexual partner and could have led to the development of a comparatively large penis in humans. This assumption is now supported by the results of an Australian study presented by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Accordingly, when assessing the attractiveness of naked male bodies, women pay close attention not only to stature but also to penis length.

"Our results are in direct contradiction to the claim that penis size is unimportant for most women," write Brian Mautz of the Australian National University in Canberra and colleagues. Previous studies in which women were asked directly about this topic had not provided any clear results. The researchers suspect that the reason for this could have been prejudices and self-censorship on the part of the test subjects. For the new study, they created images of naked male figures using a computer program and projected them life-size onto a wall. The bodies differed in three characteristics: body size (1.63 to 1.87 meters), ratio between shoulder and hip width and length of the flaccid penis (5 to 13 centimeters). The longest penis was also 1.2 centimeters larger in diameter than the shortest. There were seven values ​​for each of the three characteristics that were tested in all combinations. To this end, 105 women were given the task of evaluating the rotating projections according to their sexual attractiveness. The women did not know that it was mainly about penis size.

The statistical evaluation showed: the larger the penis, the more attractive the man - but only up to a penis length of 7.6 centimeters. The extent of this effect also depended on the physique. It increased in tall men and those with broad shoulders and narrow hips. In contrast, small and less athletic men hardly achieved any higher attractiveness values ​​even with a large penis. If, in the early days of human evolution, women preferred men with large genitals as sexual partners, they may have driven the development of an oversized penis compared to other primates. An obvious reason for this preference would be that a large reproductive organ is more likely to lead to vaginal orgasm and sexual satisfaction. Then one would have expected that the penis size is more important for older, experienced women than for younger, inexperienced women, but this could not be confirmed. The exact evolutionary mechanism of a possible sexual selection in the development of penis size remains unexplained for the time being.

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