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ISSN 1610-2606

newsletter 18/09

DIGITAL EDITION No. 260 - October 2009

Michael J. Fox

Christopher Lloyd

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Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

Hello laserdisc and DVD-Fans,

dear movie friends!

Welcome to the latest edition

of our newsletter. As before

I promise there is one this time

few pictures from the 5th Todd-AO 70mm

Film festival in Karlsruhe - of course

including the film introductions of our

Film specialists Wolfram Hannemann.

So if you missed this event,

you can get a little from page 6 onwards

Get an impression of the festival.

Faster and higher

One recently published in the FAZ (Frankfurter

Allgemeine Zeitung) printed review

to the new DVD- and Blu-ray

Edition of Disney's SCHNEEWITT-

CHEN made us smile a bit, shows

this clearly that there are colleagues

there who quite obviously do their homework

have not done. Quote:

“... astonishing, however, that the

new german DVD- version - in contrast

to the Blu-ray output - suddenly

is three minutes shorter than that of

2001. No scenes are missing, so must

the film in faster running speed

have been coded.

A reason for this procedure

does not exist, you can tell from the soundtrack

not even at ... ”Such statements

are actually quite annoying,

there is the PAL system and that

resulting film acceleration

of 24 images per

Second to 25 frames per second

for almost 50 years! Is untrue

also the claim that one is the

Soundtrack does not notice. The acceleration

the copy of the film during replay

on a PAL video format has of course

also an acceleration of the sound

according to which ultimately in a

makes a higher pitch noticeable.

At least for demanding consumers

with good ears. Although there is

Proofreading machines showing a wrong

Correct pitch,

but at the faster speed

Of course, they don't change anything. And

that all film scanning studios like this

Having devices in use is very doubtful.

Especially now when we were during

of the Todd-AO-Festival in Karlsruhe

an American guest spoke to

who has been in Germany for some time


works and many PAL

DVDs bought. When he recently

finally a PALDVDPlayer

added to his acquired treasures

to see and hear it was utterly

frustrated because he had to find out

that something was wrong with the sound.

All voices are always way too high!

After we talked about the PAL modalities

had cleared up, we could him

after all, reassure yourself that at least

the Blu-ray versions thanks to 24p

Technology at the right speed

and thus also the correct pitch

be made available.

What do we do with all this misery

always bothered is the fact

that the DVD- and Blu-ray manufacturers

still not able to

are, the runtime information on the

Please indicate covers properly. Here is enough

it quite simply not,

to name a number. Rather, would have to

are always specified here,

what the number refers to (sampling

with 24 or 25 frames per second).

Of course it will be difficult

An insider tip from

Fantasy Filmfest 2008:


- from January 2010 on

DVD in German

Language available

then when the PAL master through

Standard conversion from an NTSC source

originated. An inexhaustible one


In this context it is natural

still annoying that very much

many cinemas in Germany have their projectors

changed to 25 frames per second

to have. This allows the staff

home a little earlier, of course

go, but the paying moviegoers

don't get to hear what

the sound engineers in the mix

of films made up.

And so are likely to be in the future

only those movie fans hear the sound like this

how he was meant to put the movies on

NTSCDVDs or Blu-rays.

We'll help you.

your laserHotline team


Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

Just in time for the scariest day of the year

(or startled) Michael Moore moviegoers with that

scariest of all topics: the economic crisis. Some

have long since stopped, Moore's trendy documentaries

to look, the pounding, loud one has an effect on them

Deterrent to Americans. Many in my area

belong to Michael Moore abhorrence. Too manipulative

too simplistic, too partisan, I keep hearing.

I'm personally looking forward to the next cinematic

Ghost train ride that Moore invites you to this time: one

Driving through the American sewers of the crisis

- “Capitalism: a Love Story”.

What have we not tried, this Great Depression

to explain! TV reports, documentaries, articles

more and more. From picture to mirror, everyone has

she deals with it. And now let's be honest:

can you explain to me how it came about

is? I had that last semester

Business editor of a weekly newspaper as a guest speaker

in one of my courses. He's got blisters and

Arrows and factories drawn. Still we were all

not much smarter afterwards. I can mess you up

certainly not explain.

And now Michael Moore, the polemicist,

the matter accepted. Moore won't explain to us either

can see what happened. But that's what it's about

not him at all. Moore is looking for something again

Gone guilty and looking for simple, clear answers.

That he has not found this already shows

the trailer. The principle of absolute blame

Moore works with, among other things, is a very American one.

In our latitudes, it works at best

polarizing. Even so, it's not wrong once

going to Wall Street, knocking on manager doors

and hold up the mirror to the bonus greedy.

Michael Moore is undoubtedly polarizing and polemical.

Yet that is precisely what his films do and what

makes his methods exciting. A friend of mine

told me about "Capitalism: a Love Story" that she would

certainly not support Moore's manipulations and

pay a cinema ticket. O-Ton: “When I make a documentary

look, I expect objectivity. " There

she completely forgets that documentaries almost never

Happy Michaelween!

are active. Just because they show reality that still means

Far from saying that they are also objective and non-partisan.

How so? Because no one else would go in. Documentaries

are hard work and well composed

Works. Nothing there with traveling there and camera on it, afterwards

add some more editing space and credits.

I was able to relate to one two years ago

Short film project with a Swiss documentary


Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

work together. I learned from her that

the composition and the preparation in advance

take place, make up a large part of the work. It

it is planned exactly who will be talked about with whom,

what to film and how. Have documentaries

a dramaturgy, a script and a director. Improvised

will only be done after careful planning in advance

of the essential.

Documentaries are also aimed at the viewer

To arouse emotions and use him for their story

inspire. Even the news on ARD is

whenever possible, in this pseudo-objective way

presents. And there is nothing wrong with that. Because even

when we learn something we want to be entertained.

Why do you think that learning through play in children

(and in my experience also in adults)

is so effective?

Michael Moore, whether you like him or not, is undeniable

good at arousing emotions and his audience

on a wild journey around its topic.

Moore stirs us up: whether it's Marilyn Manson

who says to the camera that he had the boys from

Listened to the Columbine massacre; whether a lady tells

she should have paid the ambulance before

she passed out; or the banker who says

she has no idea where all the money went. And

he stirs up the Americans twice. What we here

Often and smugly forgotten in Europe: Michael Moores

Target audience lives among the stars and stripes. American

understand vengeance, guilt, atonement, seeking

the truth good. The director knows exactly what he is

does when he works with these principles in a striking and colorful way.

It took Americans eight years

George Dabbelju dumped it. Sophistication and

Objectivity are in the United States difficult to reach the masses

negotiable. However, it is the masses who understand

need what happened to them and that they be others

Have options. So Moore addresses her in the way

that you understand best: He produces the popcorn

Action blockbusters among documentaries. The

Americans have in our world structure today

Power that cannot be ignored. So if a

few Americans more jolted, shaken or

Coming out of the cinema thinking, Americans who

otherwise never watch a “serious” documentary

then Moore has a service to mankind

proven. It is vital that not just politicians

like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton halfway enlightened

go through world history, but also

all those who keep them in office. Just ask them


Anna Rudschies

Anna looks forward to your feedback:

[email protected]


Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

Tuesday October 20, 2009

Blacks in the snow and a woman as


The break seems to have ended - it's back

Press Screenings!



OT: La première étoile

Distribution: Kool (film agents)

Country / Year: France 2009

Director: Lucien Jean-Baptiste

Actors: Firmine Richard, Lucien Jean-

Baptiste, Anne Consigny

Theatrical release: December 31, 2009

There is an extreme shortage of money among the Elisabeths.

The family of five, consisting of

from the dark-skinned father Jean-

Gabriel, his three dark-skinned children

as well as his white wife. Although one

can no longer afford anything, promises

the father gives his offspring a skiing holiday.

A conflict arises: the mother

stays at home and father has to see

how he organizes the vacation ... a nice one

little comedy from France that is quite

incidentally, the problem of racial hatred

worked up. The partly beautiful pictures

but would have deserved the CinemaScope format.

THE POPESS (1: 2.35, DD 5.1)

Distribution: Constantin

Country / Year: Germany, Italy, Panien


Director: Sönke Wortmann

Actors: Johanna Wokalek, David

Wenham, John Goodman

Theatrical release: October 22, 2009

The film adaptation of a well-known novel

shows the ordeal of a woman living in

comes into the world a time when

Men make their wives believe in God

tried to set up by force.

As a girl, she is forbidden to read

and learn to write. But Johanna is

just too intelligent for the patriarch.

Disguised as a man, she finally makes it

even on the Holy Throne ... Imposing

staged spectacle, which unfortunately in the

The main role is not optimally cast. Here

would be an actress with far more

male features were in demand. Because

so the viewer always wonders why

because nobody notices that the man is in

Reality is a woman. Camerawork

(Tom Fährmann) and music (Marcel

Barsotti) are above average.

Wednesday October 21, 2009

Wolfram Hannemanns

Film blog

Couples on the island and the turn

Wednesday was comedic.

At least in theory. Because the first

Film fell far short of its class goal.

ALL INCLUSIVE (1: 1.85, DD 5.1)

OT: Couples Retreat

Distributor: Universal

Country / Year: United States 2009

Directed by Peter Billingsley

Actors: Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman,

Faizon Love

Theatrical release: November 5th, 2009

Because it's cheaper in a group, persuaded

one stuck in a relationship crisis

Couple three befriended couples, the two on

to accompany a wellness week for couples.

What happened to the intact couple at first

feels like a heavenly vacation

but within a short time

exhausting couples therapy. Catch now

the problems only really start ... if

what feels like three hours in

Security weighs that this concoction

of film is finally over, one becomes

quickly taught you better: there is still

a scene after the credits!

How to get there in just about 105 minutes

so much boredom can spread

is already a masterpiece. Here will

chattered, chattered and chatted again.

Even Jean Reno in the role

of a couples therapy guru is not challenged here.

Not to mention the film composer

A.R. Rahman (who won an Oscar for


rightly deserved), whose talent here

is completely out of place. If

really want to annoy someone, the

one simply recommends this film.

LOVE WALL (1: 1.85, DD 5.1 EX)

Distributor: Warner

Country / Year: Germany 2009

Director: Peter Timm

Actors: Maxim Mehmet, Felicitas Woll,

Anna Fischer

Theatrical release: November 19, 2009

Germany shortly before the fall of the wall. A

Student who has just moved to Berlin begins

a passionate love affair

with a border guard. Through her

They unintentionally call harmless relationships

not only the Stasi, but also the CIA

on the floor ... A nice little comedy

for the 20th birthday of the fall of the Berlin Wall

an extremely likeable leading actress.

Maybe a little too long

and not always true to detail, for that

but with a large portion of “Feel

Good ”.

Friday October 23, 2009

Jelly locks and hot dog


At the end of the week presented us

Sony a real appetizer - im



MEATBALLS (1: 2.35, 3D, 2K

Digital, PCM 5.1)

OT: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Distributor: Sony Pictures

Country / Year: United States 2009

Directed by Chris Miller, Phil Lord

Theatrical release: January 28, 2010

Flint is a brilliant inventor. But mostly

is his inventions to

useless things, moreover, in most

Cases have catastrophic effects.

As the small island state he lives on

loses the big sardine business,

he comes up with an original idea: he builds

a machine that will turn water into food

can. Immediately it rains on the

Island cheeseburger, ice cream or jello.

That calls the budding weather woman

of a TV station on the scene. And before

Both of them make sure that there is a spark between them

them. But then a gigantic threat threatens

Food disaster ... This one

Film from the Sony Pictures animation

Schmiede is by far the best,

what I'm doing this year on computer-animated

Saw food. The film is already bursting

almost with ingenuity and leaves Pixars

ABOVE! very far behind. The story is

simply ingenious and profound. Here

not only the little ones get their money's worth

come, but also the accompanying persons.

My favorite little sequence -

how could it be otherwise: an aggressive one

giant gummy bears

with one hand movement the heart out of the

Torn! You don't think so

be funny? Check out the film for yourself

- it has real laugh potential. Only one

Flaw in the German version: the sound mix

seemed to me to be rather reduced in dynamics

to be. Possibly a concession

to the very young viewers.


Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

The official intros to the festival

from our film blogger

Wolfram Hannemann


Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

Ladies and gentlemen,

dear audience,

hello 70mm film fans from near and far!

On behalf of the Schauburg Cinerama Theater

May I take you to the 5th Todd-AO 70mm

Welcome to the film festival. If

monumental historical cinema, a colorful one

Sailing trip, real Parisian revue atmosphere,

a volcanic disaster, a

War history, picturesque Siberian

Landscapes or a bombastic song

& Dance Show - all of that plus a few

Surprises suit us at this long

Weekend before.

As will be the case in previous years

me too for the next three days

again it will be a pleasure to meet you a couple

important and much more unimportant

To tell facts about the respective films.

For everyone who doesn't know me yet:

my name is Wolfram Hannemann and I work as a

freelance film critic and I'm on the side

still managing a small one though

fine DVD- Mail order.

Since we were back some non-German speaking

Guests from abroad with us

I will welcome my film introductions

do in German and English.

But so that it doesn't get too boring,

I won't do everything I do in German

tell, also translate into English and

vice versa.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

dear audience,

hello widescreeners!

On behalf of the Schauburg Cinerama

theater I would like to welcome you to the

5th annual Todd-AO 70mm film festival.

You are invited to watch historical epics, loc

mediterranean sailing cruise, authentic

Parisian burlesque, a volcano eruption,

World War II drama, endless Russian

landscapes and a gigantic song & dance

potpurri. And all of these attractions in the

thrilling experience of our marvelous

70mm projection, due to our projectionists

Vincent and Markus who will do their very

best to even satisfy fans of magenta

colored prints!

As always I will do my very best to give

you have some information on the films we are

screening, so our projectionists get some

Film blogger

Wolfram Hannemann

in action

Photo: Thomas Hauerslev

extra minutes to relax! If you know me

already you are probably accustomed to

my German-sounding English, which still

hasn‘t improved much. To all those of you

who are here for the first time I can assure

you that my German is worse than my

English. So you are definitely better off

with my funny English. By the way: my

name is Wolfram Hannemann and besides

working as a film critic I am running a

small DVD mail order company trying to

sell 70mm movies on little silver discs.

Strange, isn't it?

Again we do have a really international

audience this weekend, among them

visitors from Denmark, Holland, France,

the Czech Republic, England and - for the

first time - even from far away Canada!


THE WIND (Paint Your



1969 is the film adaptation of the

Stage musicals PAINT YOUR WAGON,

which the composer duo Alan Jay Lerner

and Frederick Loewe created it in 1951 and im

Shubert Theater on Broadway at a whole 289

Brought performances.

As early as 1957, the film producers tried

Louis B. Mayer and Jack

Cummings on a film adaptation of the material.

To the one planned as a Cinerama production

Project should be the script for John Lee Mahin

deliver and Alan Jay Lerner as well

Howard Schwartz should be additional

Compose songs. The role of Ben

Rumson was intended for Gary Cooper.

But the sudden death of Louis B. Mayer

brought down the project.

First the great success of some musical film adaptations

such as THE


sixties the interest of film producers,

who are always looking for

suitable fabrics. Then came PAINT

YOUR WAGON at just the right time. Now were

it Paramount Pictures and Alan Jay

Learner who produced together. All

Lerner's original came unscathed, however

not of that. Together with Paddy

Chayefsky he worked his entire material

around. The cross-racial love story

once the main component of the

Stage musicals was deemed too out of date

viewed and therefore completely removed.

The only thing left in the end

were the title of the musical that

Gold digger camp and about half of the

Songs. But Andre became Previn when he was five

commissioned new songs.

Actually, Lee Marvin should be in Sam

Peckinpahs THE WILD BUNCH one

Take on the leading role. But with one

$ 1 million fee plus one

percentage of profit participation

Paramount the 44 year old at the time, in hers

To play along with the film. A wise decision

as i mean. Marvin is just that

Ideal cast for the drunkard Ben

Rumson. Rumor has it that Marvin

always during the entire filming process

was drunk, which of course the credibility

underlined his role positively.



Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

under the direction of chief cameraman

William Fraker captured in a 35mm Panavision

and for premiere theaters

70mm inflated. One of these premier copies

you will then

can see right away. It is a matter of

a German dubbed version, at

who graciously kept the original songs

were left. So we really will

Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing

Listen. However, it is less pleasant

Fact that the film for its German

Evaluation shortened by about 15 minutes

and we didn't do some of the songs

get to hear. After all, she owns

Copy still sizable colors and features

via excellent 6-channel stereo magnetic sound.

PAINT YOUR WAGON from 1969 is an

adaptation of the 1951 Broadway musical

by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe.

Most of the original material was changed

for the film version. Even some of the

songs were replaced by new songs

especially composed by Andre Previn.

With Joshua Logan as director location

filming took place in Baker City, Oregon,

Big Bear Lake, California and the San

Bernardino National Forest. Both Lee

Marvin and Clint Eastwood did their own

singing while Jean Seberg was dubbed by

Anita Gordon. Marvin’s version of

“Wandrin‘ Star ”became very popular and

went to # 1 on the British charts and even

won him a gold record.

Well-rehearsed team: Wolfram Hannemann

with assistant Birgit at the delicious

Schauburg breakfast

Photo: Tom March

The production of the film encountered a

Lot of problems, especially caused by an

overblown budget. This lead to a lot of

delays and Eastwood was very frustrated

with it, later saying that the experience

strengthened his resolve to become a


It was on December 8, 1981, that I saw

PAINT YOUR WAGON for the first and

also the last time. I was lucky enough to

see it in a 70mm presentation back then

and liked the film very much. I was not

aware that the German version which I saw

was cut by approximately 15 minutes

eliminating some of the songs. Although it

is exactly that cut version which we are

going to show you today, I am still very

happy that I finally can relive my

wonderful experience from the 80s. The

colors of our print are still in good

condition as is the 6-track magnetic stereo

sound. And if you are one of those unlucky

guys who are not able to understand the

German dubbed dialogues - don't worry.

At least the songs are in full blown





HUNDERST (Krakatoa -

East of Java)

KRAKATOA - EAST OF JAVA is a perfect

example demonstrating that even a really bad

film deserves optimum presentation quality.

Otherwise, I am quite sure, nobody ever would

talk about this 1969 adventure movie. This at

least is my personal view on this subject and I.

should tell you that I love trash movies!


JAVA really is can be judged by just

looking at its title. Anyone familiar with

geography knows that Krakatoa is located

west of Java. When the producers

discovered their geographical error it was

too late to change the title, because all of

the advertising and publicity material had

been prepared already. Changing all this

would have been too costly to achieve and

would have led to a delay in release.

Thanks to Hans Hänßler we are able to


its original English language roadshow

version. You will find that the colors have

already faded away, but we are all used to

that meanwhile. Nevertheless the razor

sharp picture quality will take your breath

away and maybe let you forget the film’s

trashy character. And I am pretty sure that

you will love the 3-strip Cinerama

simulation at the beginning of the film!



DERTS, so the German distribution title,

was created in 1969 under the direction of Bernard L.

Kowalski. Kowalski started his career

when watching television, where he mainly works

Was allowed to direct western series. 1958

Roger Corman's brother Gene brought him to him

Film and hired him as a director

of the “Teen Exploitation” film HOT CAR



followed before going back to the staging

devoted to TV series. To

almost ten years of abstinence from the cinema

he then directed KRAKATOA and

remained true to his profession: trash.

But if it is trash, then do it right: it

was shot in 65mm format. Either

Todd-AO and Super Panavision 70

Cameras came under the guidance of the Spanish

Chief Cinematographer Manuel Berenguer

for use. 65mm was for Berenguer

nothing new, he had had three years earlier


PAMPAS, which we will show on Sunday


Newsletter 18/09 (No. 260) October 2009

den, recorded with MCS70 cameras.

KRAKATOA was a difficult project

from the beginning. That was probably not the last

because there was no script,

but you already knew exactly which one

Special effects were needed. Effects specialist

Eugènie Lourié took most of them

Miniature sequences before completion

of the script. The 65mm Super

Panavision cameras prepared him

significant headache. Because for them

Effect recording was a much higher one

Frame rate necessary. But because of that

the cameras overheated and had to

to be repaired every night. At long last

had to face Lourié with a maximum

Satisfied with a frequency of 72 frames per second.

The quality of its visual effects

However, that didn't hurt. All

on the contrary. They led to an Oscar

Nomination. Incidentally, Lourié is himself in the

To see the film: he took on the mini-role

of a telegraph officer.

After the great success of the film ERDBE-

BEN 1974 became KRAKATOA in the middle of

seventies under the title VOLCANO

brought to theaters again. This time

equipped with “Feelarama”, a

Sensurround modeled sound system.

We show you KRAKATOA - EAST

OF JAVA in its unabridged roadshow

Version in 70mm format and with 6 channels

Stereo magnetic sound. Unfortunately the colors are

already faded, but triumphed for it

here the image sharpness. Our thanks are due

Hans Hänßler, who sent us this copy

Has provided.


Harm’s Way)

To the next film in our festival

I am particularly happy to give it to us

yet the opportunity to pay tribute to an artist

to pay tribute to his life's work

very special status in the film industry

occupies. No less is meant

than the composer Jerry Goldsmith.


WAY, from 1965 already marked

Goldsmith's second job for an im

Second World War-based film. Right away

previously Goldsmith had KENN-

WORD: MORITURI for the 20 th Century

Fox set music to music and still began

in the same week that he was IN HARM’S

WAY finished working on


another war film. However, the 1929 in

California-born composer limited

himself over the course of his career

not on war films. Whether drama, comedy,

Science fiction, horror or western films

- Goldsmith always found the right notes

and was also extremely keen to experiment.

Whether with a large symphony orchestra,

small combo or even fully electronic:

he mastered all kinds of game. And the

brilliant into old age. February 10th

Goldsmith would have his this year

Celebrate your 80th birthday. But he

lost his battle with cancer on

July 21, 2004. A big loss for them

entire industry.

Director Otto Preminger was known

for the music in his films always

to pay close attention and

promoted new film music talents like Elmer

Bernstein, Jerry Fielding and also Jerry

Goldsmith. Preminger got that back then

36-year-old Goldsmith already started filming


something perfect for the circumstances at the time

unusual. Goldsmith was from

From start to finish. That went

to the extent that Goldsmith is almost in conflict

would be advisable with his follow-up order VON

RYAN'S EXPRESS. His tight schedule

unfortunately no longer allowed that

Goldsmith on the final mix of ER

In a cozy company: Wolfram Hannemann and

Duncan McGregor discuss what is to come

Widescreen Weekend in Bradford

Photo: Herbert Born

STER VICTORY was present. So he could

last changes in the sound mix of the

No longer monitor the finals of the film,

causing an imbalance between

Music and sound effects in that last one

Sequence and a resulting

artistic disgruntlement between

Composer and director led.

I would like to dedicate this very rare

screening of Otto Preminger’s IN HARM’S

WAY from 1965 to the memory of film

music legend Jerry Goldsmith, who

provided the score for this movie. This

February Goldsmith would have celebrated