What are some favorite lines from poetry

On the day of poetry: Ortenauers reveal their favorite poems

Today is World Poetry Day. Poetry divides into two camps: some have absolutely no connection to it, others in turn accompany their favorite poem through life. The Mittelbadische Presse asked Ortenauer for her favorite lines.

For the first time in 2000, Unesco proclaimed March 21st as World Poetry Day. It is intended to remind people of the importance of oral traditions, the diversity of the cultural heritage of language and the importance of poetry.

As Unesco makes clear, poetry has an important place in social and cultural life even in times of new information technology (see box). The purpose of the day is to encourage publishers to support poetic works and especially young poets. The Mittelbadische Presse asked Ortenauer about her favorite poems.

"Half of life"

José F. A. Oliver, freelance writer from Hausach, particularly loves the poem "Half of Life" by Friedrich Hölderlin. "It is a life longing poem against transience and death ... For me it is the most desperate poem of all time and one of the most beautiful things that has ever been written in German," he describes the particular fascination that comes from Holderlin's words.

Renate Betzler, a bookseller from Offenburg, also loves these lines: "It's a sad poem, but somehow it struck a chord in me." She especially reads poetry when she is in a crisis. "Then a novel is often too trivial for me," explains the bookseller. Her current favorite poets are Rose Ausländer and Robert Gernhardt. The bookstore where she works gives customers the poem of the week. Now it is about seasonally appropriate poetry by Friedrich Rückert.

Bodo Ley from Offenburg can recite his favorite poem off the cuff: “I would like to remind you of this: the question of life and death is serious. The ephemeral things quickly fade away. So always be vigilant, never careless, always attentive. "These lines from Takuan Sôhôs did it to him because everything was said:" It's about the most important thing! "

Poetry accompanies Regina Mlinski throughout her life. She is a Schiller fan. Above all, the "Song of the Bell" did it to her. “We had to learn Schiller by heart at school. The older I get, the better I understand him, «says Mlinski. She has always been interested in poetry: "As a child, my parents and grandparents read a lot to me." Besides Schiller, she also loves Josef von Eichendorff and Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.

In 2000 the House of Poetry set up an internet platform on the occasion of the first World Poetry Day. It brings together the youngest communication medium, the Internet, with the oldest literary art form, poetry. Poems are presented here in the original text, tone and translation.

Oliver and Betzler's favorite poem

Favorite poem:
Hangs with yellow pears
and full of wild roses
the land in the lake,
you lovely swans,
and drunk with kisses
dips her head
into the sacred water.

Woe to me, where do I take when
it's winter, the flowers, and where
the sunshine
and shadow of the earth?
The walls are up
speechless and cold, in the wind
the flags clink. (Holderlin)