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The correct time of birth

From the section “What is a horoscope” you already know that three things are needed to calculate such a thing: the birthday with year, the place and the time. Whereby we would be on one of my favorite topics :-)

Off to the registry office!

Understandably, people are in a hurry when they decide to seek advice from me. And you can find it a bit annoying when I'm not ready to work with the information from my mother (father, grandma or whoever else) and instead ask my counterpart to call the registry office first.

Because of course, if you first have to contact a German authority, it can be tough ... but believe me, I've already seen miracles! Just give them a call and the best thing to do is to indulge in the sing-song of your place of birth, if you (still) have it in your blood - it can then happen that you will even be given the time of birth over the phone. A familiar dialect sometimes miraculously speeds things up :-)

But it doesn't always work that fast. Sometimes the time has to be requested in writing, sometimes you have to give a mild gift beforehand. But no matter how high the hurdles are - contact the registry office in your place of birth. That is where you were born, that is the law. You can get them without any problems, after all, this is your data and not anyone else's.

Why civil time is so important

“Is it really so important whether I was born an hour earlier or later ?!” I was recently asked for the hundredth time again. Sometimes someone also says to me: "But my last astrologer worked with the information given by my mother". If I hear that, I'll get pimples! To work with claims from your mother is sheer recklessness and - if the mother is wrong (and believe me, mothers are very often wrong here) - it can send you in the completely wrong direction!

Why are other astrologers sometimes not as persistent as I am? I know from experience that some people would rather skip the consultation than bother calling the registry office. Some astrologers don't want to take that risk. But I would rather forego advice than tell you something that is wrong in the back and front.

I'll show you what can happen if the maternal statement is incorrect:

This is Anna. She was born on April 3rd, 1952 in Würzburg, her mother said it was definitely 8 o'clock in the evening. Here is the corresponding horoscope:

Please turn your eyes to the left. There you will see a horizontal red line that ends on the outside with a red arrow with AC written on it. AC is the abbreviation for ascendant and the ascendant is here inLibra zodiac sign.

Now please go to the right to the yellow area with a number, namely a 6. This is the 6th house. In the 6th house you will see a circle with a point in the middle. This is the sun. The sun is in the 6th house (I colored the house for you so that you can see it more quickly).

Anna requested her time of birth at the registry office - the time of birth is 9:07 p.m. The horoscope then looks like this:

Here the ascendant lies in Zodiac sign Scorpio, the sun is in the 5th house. Also: if you look up, you will see a vertical line that ends with an arrow on the outside with MC written on it. Pluto is on the MC, which it does not do in the first horoscope. Anyone who has Pluto directly on the MC has a special life path (well, I can't go into that further now) - that would not be the case with horoscope one.

I hope I was able to convince you how important it is to have the exact and, above all, the right time ...

Is the civil time always correct?

Of course I admit - sometimes, in very very rare cases, even the time from the registry office is incorrect. People sit in office and people can make mistakes. Even the hospital that forwarded the birth to the registry office may have screwed up. In fact, I've seen civil time incorrectly, but that has happened two or three times in thirty years.

When you come to me, I will automatically check your time, and it is not uncommon for me to correct it by a few minutes. This check is also necessary because hospitals do not all work in the same way. Sometimes the exit of the head is taken as the time of birth, sometimes when the child is outside, sometimes when the child is disconnected. There can be several minutes between all the stations, maybe even a lot more, if the umbilical cord is also pulsed out. In addition, for many years it was customary to round birth times up to the full quarter of an hour.

The biggest source of error, however, is and remains the statement made by one's own parents. If, after going to the registry office, it turns out that the civil and governmental time coincides, all the better - now you can be sure for the rest of your life! And from everyone else I often get grateful emails that it was good that I was so stubborn :-) (Needless to say, you should avoid astrologers who are willing to work with the mother's statement) .

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