Why do people think Deadpool is gay


*** 5. SARA RAMIREZ (41), United States, actress (Grey's Anatomy)

Where how? Speaking at a conference organized by the True Colors Fund (aiding homeless LGBT teenagers) on whose board she sits

The quote: "Raised as a multiethnic woman, queer, bisexual, Mexican-Irish American, immigrant and strictly Catholic [...]"

Surprise factor: High - although she had long played a bisexual role and advocated LGBT rights, she had never mentioned it before

Relationship status: Married to a man since 2012

*** 6th BÉATRICE MARTIN alias COEUR DE PIRATE (27), Canada, musician

Where how: In an open letter Noisey.com after the attack on an LGBT club in Orlando

The quote: “That's why I'm coming out as queer today; because I can no longer be afraid of what people might think of me. (...) I come out for my daughter (...) and for the victims who lost their lives because they wanted to celebrate who they really are. "

Surprise factor: Up - only the next day did she announce the separation from the father of her daughter (4), with whom she had been married since 2012

Relationship status: Had an affair with trans singer Laura Jane Grace of Against Me !, now single

*** 7TH BEX TAYLOR-KLAUS (22), USA, actress (The Killing, Scream)

Where how? After the US election on Twitter and YouNow

The quote: “Hello, my name is Bex and yes, the rumors are true. I am very gay.“

Surprise factor: Zero - everyone hits Gaydar with her ... However, as recently as 2014, she said that we would “never find out” whether she was gay or straight

Relationship status: Unknown

*** 8th SHARON OSBOURNE (64), UK, TV presenter, music manager

Where how? Chatted on her TV talk show in May The talk with her co-moderators on the subject of "Bisexual Feelings"

The quote: “I am more than just a little gay'. And I'm very interested in whether I've missed anything. But now it is too late."

Surprise factor: High

Relationship status: Since 1979 with  Ozzy Osbourne together

*** 9th AUBREY PLAZA (32), USA, actress (Parks & Recreation)

Where how? In an interview with LGBT magazine The Advocate

The quote: “The girls are into me - it's no secret. Hey, I like her too. I fall in love with girls and boys. I can't change it. "

Surprise factor: High

Relationship status: Since 2011 together with director Jeff Baena

*** 10. STEPHANIE BEATRIZ (35), USA, actress (Brooklyn nine-nine)

Where how? On Twitter, after Aubrey Plazas Coming Out (see above)

The quote: "Yup." (Comment on Aubrey Plaza's quote) - "Yes y’all." (When asked if she was bisexual)

Surprise factor: High

Relationship status: Single; ended a long-term (apparently hetero) relationship in 2016