How was Australia colonized


The first residents of Australia

People have lived in Australia for about 50,000 years: the Aborigines [say: Aboridschinis]. But when exactly the settlement of Australia took place is still controversial today. Some assume a time ago 48,000 years ago, others speak of a settlement as early as 60,000 years ago.

The first inhabitants probably came to Australia via a chain of islands connected to Asia. We do not know exactly how they succeeded, because the islands were far apart and knowledge of boats and sea was probably still very poor at that time. But somehow the people made it, otherwise Australia wouldn't have been settled so early.

Different tribes settled in Australia

It is certain that many different tribes lived in Australia and at the end of the 18th century there were around 250 different Aboriginal languages. Today it is assumed that the Aborigines were not a single ethnic group. There were probably many different tribes that also spoke different languages.

The first Europeans discover the "new" continent

Probably - we do not know for sure - a Dutchman named Willem Jansz was the first European to discover a corner of Australia's northeast as early as 1606. However, the seafarer was decisive for the further course of history James Cookwho landed on the east coast in 1770 and took possession of the land on behalf of the British Crown. This was the hour of birth of New South Wales.

The British referred to Australia as Terra Nullius and did not give the residents any rights. 1788 met the first convict of the British and founded Port Jackson. Later this place was to be called Sydney. From there it went on: Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland followed. Incidentally, 15 out of 100 prisoners were women. Most, however, were not felons, but had to serve their sentences for minor offenses.