Why do some Brazilians not like their carnival?

Huge crowds run through the streets, the atmosphere is exuberant, bottles clink, you can hear people laughing loudly everywhere. On the other hand: countless police cars, firefighters and paramedics are scattered around the city - and I am right in the middle! I left for Rio to experience the famous Brazilian Carnival first hand. On my way to the Sambódromo, I take a short break in a bar and do one at the same time new acquaintance! Unsuspecting, I stand at the counter to cheer up my mood when I suddenly get company from Juliano, a nice Brazilian and a glass of beer ... What I learned from a conversation among men and why you only know 9 months later how the party night really went ... I'll tell you about that in a moment, so be curious!

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Unique memory of the World Cup final in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, the fantastically beautiful city! Which place has more violent contrasts than the second largest city in Brazil? On the one hand there are modern and luxurious high-rise buildings, on the other hand the makeshift tin huts of the favelas ... White sandy beaches and the sweet life by day, hot rhythms and parties by night. Unlike during the day, caution is advised on the beaches of the Sugar Loaf on the hot nights, because tourists are an easy target for crooks. The contrast between rich and poor is what defines Rio - not for nothing is it called: "Rio has everything and nothing!"

At the latest since successful World Cup final our German national team against Argentina in the stadium “Estádio do Maracanã Rio de Janeiro has a very special place in our hearts. Now that the World Cup is over, however, all eyes are again on the upcoming carnival season, which is celebrated and followed just as euphorically on the Sugar Loaf as the football matches of the local clubs.

An unforgettable experience - Carnival in Rio

Countless dancers in colorful costumes, atmospheric music, passionate hip swing as well as an endless carnival parade - all this characterizes the carnival in Rio and makes it round for the people 88,500 spectators in the stands for an impressive and unforgettable experience. Have you ever been to one Carnival parade in Rio? If not, you have to experience it once, it is simply indescribable!

The carnival season officially starts on the Friday before Ash Wednesday and is one of the Main attractions in Rio. Any samba school, too "Escola de Samba" called, has to choose a theme every year and adapt it to the floats and costumes. Each school has 3,000 to 5,000 participants, divided into up to 40 groups and 5 to 8 floats. On Carnival Sunday and Monday it's finally time to say Show time: Then six samba schools each have to demonstrate their skills in front of a jury and the audience within 82 minutes 700 meter long Sambodroma arena in the Estácio district.

That's really how it works there

Back to my Brazilian, the beer and me! After the usual small talk, which is quite relaxed and amusing, I take the opportunity and squeeze it out a bit about Carnival in Rio ... When else do you have the opportunity? He tells me something like Carnival is a never-ending party which will be celebrated from December. Small events are started over and over again until the time has finally come and the real carnival is on. And besides the carnival there are also otherscountless street festivals instead, be it traditional festivals, themed festivals or even single, gay and lesbian parties. This year there are a total of 458 festivals where people all over Rio come together to have fun and party together.

In addition, the street carnival in Rio itself has gotten a lot safer in the past few years! Better organization ensures that people from all over Brazil come to this atmospheric party and cheer for the parades. You don't have to have a lot with you: a cell phone, money and an ID card to be on the safe side are all you need exuberant celebration can start!

Carnival at the Sugar Loaf: Rules like on the playing field

Since I had already heard of the fact that football and the Carnival in Rio are strongly compared with each other, I wanted to know more about this as well! Indeed, it is true! The Brazilians pre-spray at football as well as at the carnival and the associated samba schools Passion. They are also very proud and happy about these two events. My acquaintance then explained the Carnival in Rio a little more precisely compared to football: Similar to football, there are samba schools four leagues. Every year the best team from the individual parades joins the "Grupo Especial" which consists of the 12 best, while another group has to vacate their place in the top division. This is decided by the jury, which among other things depends on the artistic implementation of the topic and the Interplay of singing, drumming and dancing respect. And he has other things as well Carnival in Rio has in common with football, because here, too, each player has his own position, the most famous of which is that of the “rainha de bateria”. This is the queen of the rhythm section, a scantily clad dancer who dances in front of the chapel. In addition, every school and soccer club have their own colors. During the samba school Beija-Flor The school shines in shades of blue and white Grande Rio with the colors red, green and white.

Award ceremony broadcast across the country

At the Ash WednesdayWhen everything is over for us again, things only really get going in Rio around noon: 40 judges, 4 for each of the ten assessment categories, count the points. At this point, the groups have to shake and wait for the result! On the Winning group as well as the second and third place winners a cash prize awaits, whereby even more important than the money for the participants is the honor that is bestowed upon them if they belong to the group of winners. The announcement of the result is even televised live on countless channels across the country. After the points have been announced, a victory celebration starts Fireworks and celebrations. In addition, on the following Saturday, this year on February 21st, the six best samba schools again in the arena, but this time just for fun. After this last show the countless dancers say again: "After the carnival is before the carnival" and the training sessions start over!

How is the Rio Carnival funded?

Now we already know how the Carnival in Rio works. But I still had questions that day in Rio! For example, how schools can finance the costumes themselves and dancers alike, after all, Rio is not only known for its rich side but also for the poor neighborhoods!

Juliano from the bar answered my questions about this too! He said that the schools work all year round and on the side Sponsors as well as unofficial investors support the schools. The dancers' costumes have to be financed themselves, but cost between 100 and 700 euros. A costume and then so much money - for some dancers this is really tough, but they love the carnival so they would give anything for it! Of course, I also wanted to know what would happen to these expensive costumes afterwards ... He gave me various options for this. One possibility is that the costumes are given away in public at the Champions Parade, another is that they are thrown away or kept as a souvenir. Some dancers also donate their costumes to a samba school for the coming year.

This is how it continues after the parade ...

So, now we come to the questions that some of you have probably been waiting for, or that you may have already hoped while reading that I asked them to my acquaintance! How does Rio look after the parade? Will everyone then go home peacefully to their bed? Alone, of course. No of course not! The end of the parade does not mean the end of the party, on the contrary: people dance, sing, drink and party until the early hours of the morning and even later ... As you can see: The Brazilians not only have samba in their blood, they can also really let loose!

But what about flirting? Can with the crackling and heatedMood the women are better towed away by the men? Dear Juliano just answered me with a mischievous smile on his face: “We say here, after 9 months you will see what you have done!” Well, that explains a lot! And speaking of women, of course I didn’t let the question of how that was done Ideal image of a woman for the Brazilians looks like: "Curvy and tanned, that's not bad!"

Germany or Rio? Where do you celebrate Carnival more exuberantly?

Before I would like to recommend a little more about the beautiful Rio itself, I would like to tell you something about my extensive and interesting conversation with my new acquaintance. After reading quite a bit Carnival in Rio I also wanted to know, of course, whether he has already celebrated Carnival in Germany or whether the Brazilians may be laughing at our beloved Carnival festival. He then replied that he had not celebrated Carnival in Germany, but in Austria and that it was not the size of the festival that was decisive for the mood, but only the "Fun factor in this crazy world counts! ”What true words! So after that I liked the Brazilian even more and I can only agree with him, or what do you think?


At the end of our conversation, I wanted to know from Juliano what his most beautiful carnival experience in Rio was. The answer came without thinking twice: the performance of his favorite school "Unidos da Tijuca"! This had designed a parade in honor of the Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna and was guaranteed to be one of the most beautiful parades for the Brazilian that he has ever seen! I also found a photo of said favorite gig, which you can see above!

Rio away from the carnival

Well enough about the nice Brazilian Juliano, the meanwhile empty beer glasses and me. In addition to a visit to this year's carnival season from February 13th to February 18th, holidaymakers who end up in this wonderful city can optimally combine their trip to Rio with some sightseeing, after all, the second largest city in Brazil has a lot to offer! One of the first sights that pops into your head near Rio de Janeiro is the huge one Christ statue. "Christ the Redeemer" looks from his place on the Corcovado mountain over to the Sugar Loaf and thus has almost the entire city in view. Tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy a great view here if they either use the Rack railway or walk to the viewing platform on the mountain.

Brazil’s is no less famous Sugar Loaf, literally translated as the carrot. This is one 394 meter high granite rock, which is in front of the city and also a very special view of Rio de Janeiro and granted its many facets. From the rock, visitors can watch the sun reflect orange-gold in the glass towers and watch the waves break on the beaches. With a Cable car the tourists get to the Sugar Loaf and can already enjoy a fascinating view while driving.

Another attraction and at the same time a colorful and detailed masterpiece is the Selaron stairs by the Chilean artist Jorge Selarón. Brightly painted tiles, ceramic tiles and fragments of mirrors were on the about 220 steps as well as attached to adjacent walls. And the Selaron Stairs are not only popular with tourists, but also a popular location for music video clips. For example, the staircase was used as a location for the song "Beautiful" by Snopp Dogg and Pharell.

Of course, vacationers have to have one during their stay in this beautiful Brazilian city Take a break on the beach insert! And not just anywhere, but if at one of the most famous stretches of beach at Ipanema and Copacabana. Here you can sizzle in the sun under ideal conditions on the beach and watch the hustle and bustle. The longest stretch of beach in Rio with a length of 4 kilometers can be found at Praie Copacabana. There, holidaymakers will find perfect beach fun in addition to the Avenida Atlantica promenade offered, a great opportunity to stroll.

As you can see, it's worth a Trip to Rio de Janeiro definitely. After all, it is not for nothing that Rio impresses with one all year round happy culture, and there is a lot more to discover besides the statue of Christ and the Sugar Loaf. I guarantee you that both the sights and the colorful and energetic carnival with its great parades will be fascinating! So my friends, let's go to Rio!

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