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Do you have a residence permit for other purposes (e.g. for family reasons) or a settlement permit? In this case you can start studying in Germany without an additional residence permit.

You are allowed to do so during your studies

  • employment for up to 120 full or 240 half days per year as well
  • work as a student.

Once you have successfully completed your degree, the competent authority will extend your residence permit by up to 18 months under certain conditions. In these times

  • you can look for a job appropriate to your degree and
  • are allowed to work without restrictions.

You will receive the residence permit in the form of a check card with additional electronic functions. You can find more information about this under "Applying for an electronic residence permit (eAT)".

Mobility as part of your studies:

If you have a residence permit for study purposes in an EU member state and would like to complete part of your studies in Germany, you do not need a residence permit if your stay does not exceed 360 days. The prerequisite for this is that the receiving training institution has notified the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees before entering the country and has presented the following evidence:

• Proof of the residence permit issued by the other member state for the purpose of studying (by means of a copy)

• Proof that you would like to complete part of your studies in Germany because you are participating in a Union or multilateral program with mobility measures or there is an agreement between you and two or more universities

• Proof of admission

• Copy of a recognized and valid passport

• Proof of securing your livelihood.

Study-related internship:

Foreigners who are either still studying at a university abroad or who have completed a university course no more than two years ago have the option of completing an internship in Germany to complement their studies. The foreigner will be granted a residence permit for a maximum of six months for the purpose of the internship if the employment agency has approved this, if necessary. It is also necessary

  • that the internship serves to enable the foreigner to acquire knowledge, practical knowledge and experience in a professional environment
  • an agreement is presented with a host organization providing for theoretical and practical training
  • proof of a degree or degree in the last two years is presented
  • the internship corresponds to the degree or university degree and
  • the receiving institution undertakes in writing to assume the costs incurred up to six months after the internship agreement has ended.