How did you become a successful YouTuber

Training and career pathYouTuber (m / f / d)

Beauty, lifestyle and fashion or would you prefer pranks, let's plays and stunt videos? The YouTube platform offers countless categories. As a YouTuber, you always have new ideas and you enjoy standing in front of the camera and offering your viewers entertaining content - your videos are anything but boring. As a YouTuber, you determine the content of your videos yourself. You have a clear concept in mind, you are responsible for the script, the production and the recordings and upload them to the platform yourself.

Beauty and lifestyle YouTubers - your viewers trust you

Bibisbeautypalace, Shirin David or Lamiya Slimani are your YouTube colleagues who regularly offer their subscribers entertaining videos. You alone determine the topic of your YouTube video! If your strengths also lie in the area of ​​beauty and co., You know your way around the categories of make-up, care products and fashion and you know which products are yoursMonth favorites orMust-haves will recommend and which are not worth the money. You love to present yourself, give tips and introduce your viewers to the products that you yourself are convinced of.

ByFirst impression videos your opinion on the latest lipstick you are testing in front of your audience for the first time becomes clear. Since you have good make-up tips and ideally you are even a make-up artist, you shoot oftenTutorials orStyle and Talks, for example to your current Valentine's Day look. Since you are an interesting personality, you tell about current events from your private life or answer user questions. In front of the camera, you explain to your viewers confidently and step by step how to apply the products and give tips on how they can last the whole evening.

Speaking of tips:Life hacks must of course not be missing from a beauty YouTuber. How do you save torn tights and how do you get the perfect braid? You know the answers and illustrate all possible solutions in your videos. As a beauty YouTuber, you also shootVlogsin which you have yourMorning routine in the bathroom while presenting your skin care and cleansing products and demonstrating their use. During the day it is possible for you to report live about your personal experience at the hairdresser, for example if your hair was colored. In yourLookbook you combine different outfits, maybe even together with another YouTuber.

YouTube and Comedy - you make your subscribers laugh

Are you always up for a joke and do you have fun making others laugh? As a Youtuber in the field of comedy, you offer your viewers a wide range of videos. You planPranks, in which you fool your friends, spinFlachwitz Challenges, put people inStreet interviews funny questions or play games with them in front of a large audience. True and funnyStories from your life can be content for your own video format. Your channel is full of surprises and you often take it upon yourself to shoot outside. You like to slip into different roles and recreate everyday situations or clichés in a funny way. It's not unusual for you to need special equipment for your videos outside. Of course, this does not only mean the microphones, but also, for example, various hidden cameras to record the reactions of the affected people.

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Call to Action - At the end of your video, you quickly ask your subscribers for support so that your channel grows and your reach increases. They can subscribe to your channel, hit the like button or share and distribute your videos on other networks. At the end you also refer to other videos on your channel, link them in the video description and possibly announce important things. Then the real fun begins, because ..

YouTubers mainly work after the video shoots

As a professional YouTuber, you of course also offer your subscribers professional videos. You do not create this with your mobile phone, but with a camera. Because only good videos that were shot with the right camera in the right lighting conditions and that are of great quality bring clicks.

Since you may have needed several attempts at some points in your recordings or the video contains too many pauses, the editing is now due. It takes several hours to create the final video. With the help of a program you can, for example, cut sections together, edit the sound track or add your intro music. You also use effects such as zooming, especially in those places where you want to emphasize or emphasize something.

Everything else is available in the info box

You will also create the area under your video, the info box, after the shoot. In the info box you add the appropriate description text for your video, refer to your profiles on social networks and link products, especially if it is a paid cooperation with your channel.