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Officially: Yes, "X-Men" and "Fantastic Four" are coming to the MCU! (Update)

Update: We were still waiting for a comment from Stan Lee. Really great news, thinks the living one Marvel-Legend. Now, so Lee in conversation with Newsarama, characters like the X-Men and the Fantastic can come home where they belong. It is extremely important to everyone Marvel-Characters under one roof. And as great as the films had been before, he couldn't wait to see the wonders that were about to unfold.


Have it Disney and 21st Century Fox so really pulled through. For a few days, the historic $ 52.4 billion deal, the Walt Disney Company including the film studio 20th Century Fox with everything that goes with it. Such sums make you dizzy, but whoever has has ...

One can see this demonstration of power positively, negatively or with mixed feelings, as it is also reflected in your lively discussion on the topic. Some find it alarming, others great, others want to wait and see what happens next. Comic fans, however, should be mostly happy, they are all Marvel-Characters finally united under one roof, that of Disney. Kevin Feige and his Marvel Studios can now access the X-Men- and Fantastic Four- Make use of brands, legally nothing speaks against it.

They will do that too, confirmed Disney-CEO Bob Iger again to clarify the matter once and for all. They look forward to expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe to include X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool includes, he says. And also on it, everyone star Wars- Bringing films ever made under one roof, opening up new opportunities for the franchise. However, we are mainly interested in the superheroes and mutants.

Some questions arise: Will the Fantastic Four get the film they deserve after several half-baked attempts? Are the X-Men, who already have a fully established, if not always smoothly functioning, film universe facing a reboot? Deadpool Of course, it doesn't fit the family-friendly one ("softened" would be the word that evil tongues would use) DisneyMarching route. Iger has already answered the most important question in this context: The "Merc with a Mouth" can still remain R-rated. Iger even thinks it is conceivable that there will be other R-rated MCU films in the future.