What are the famous marketplaces in Hospet

Sights in the Franconian lake district

Magnificent castles, Roman buildings, garden art in romantic parks - the Franconian Lake District not only offers an impressive natural landscape, but also numerous sights.

The varied spectrum ranges from the Celts to modern times, from richly decorated baroque buildings to modern architectureTourist Attractionsthat the Franconian Lake District, its cities and communities have to offer. Here you can stroll through medieval-style town centers, discover the most diverse facets of regional history in museums or stroll through masterfully designed garden art - there is something suitable for every taste.

  • Gunzenhausen

    Altmühl crossing near Gunzenhausen

    Coming from the west, the Limes stretches for several kilometers in a straight line towards Schlossbuck near Gunzenhausen. Here, a little north of the parking lot, it meets the Altmühl, through which - according to the division of the Reichslimeskommission - the end of the Limes route 13 and the ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    Archaeological Museum

    On three floors, exhibits on the prehistory and early history of the city and surrounding area of ​​Gunzenhausen from the Stone, Bronze, Urnfield and Hallstatt times are presented. Further focus: Romans on the Limes, Roman everyday life, Mithras sanctuary and the early Middle Ages. The Archaeological Museum in ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    AWO Therapy Center and Museum Schloss Cronheim

    AWO Therapy Center and Museum Schloss Cronheim with the museum "Cronheim, one village, three religions" The therapy center and museum Schloss Cronheim is located in the district of Cronheim, approx. 8 km away from Gunzenhausen and today houses a long-term sociotherapeutic facility for ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    Blow tower

    A gate tower from 1603 with a furnished tower house and a wonderful view over Gunzenhausen. The blow tower is also known as the Ansbacher Gate Tower or New Gate. The substructure is square. The upper part of the 33 meter high tower was built in 1603, probably after a collapse in 1578. ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    The Burgstallwald

    On the trail of the past In the Burgstallwald, designated footpaths lead to the remains of the Romans from the 2nd century AD, such as watchtowers and a fort, which were built along the Limes for defense. Display boards provide visitors with detailed information.

  • Gunzenhausen

    Evangelical Lutheran City Church of St. Mary

    On the site of the Roman numerus fort and the later monastery, a late Gothic church was built under Endres von Kemnaten from 1448 to 1496, which was redesigned several times over the years. The high altar with a picture of the Transfiguration of Christ by Johann David Fillisch (Ansbach court painter) ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    Half-timbered house Hospet

    Traditional half-timbering in the 16th century. the imposing half-timbered building was used as a barn for a long time. At the beginning of the 19th century it was converted into a residential building. The name Hospet is borrowed from the Latin word for hostel.

  • Gunzenhausen

    Dyer tower

    A wonderful view of the Franconian Lake District! The stately round tower from the 14th century was originally called Powder Tower after its use, as was Diebsturm, as it was once used as a powder magazine and prison. Its current name comes from a dye works, ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    Fossils and Stone Printing Museum

    The fossil and stone printing museum shows fossils from all over the world and documents the palaeontological and cultural-historical importance of the Solnhof plate limestone. The museum in Gunzenhausen takes account of the unique fossil finds from the region with a large collection of plants ...

  • Weißenburg i. Bay.

    Clue stone at the location of Turmstelle Wp. 14/3

    A marker with the inscription "Teufelsmauer, Limes, Pfahlrain" reminds of the course of the Limes in the area of ​​the Limesturm Wp. 14/3 From the former location of the guard post 14/3 in the park of the sanatorium on the Hensoltshöhe after extensive construction work (water reservoir) have long been. ..

  • Gunzenhausen

    Historical half-timbered barn

    Gunzenhauser Fachwerkstadel - this building with a gable roof and half-timbered structure was built in 1753 by a corporal of the margravial body regiment. In the meantime used as a tannery, the barn went to the city of Gunzenhausen in 1986. Today the local history collection and the typical ...

  • Gunzenhausen

    Historic market place

    The varied marketplace in Gunzenhausen combines the historical with the modern. So stands in front of the building of today's Sparkasse (No. 43), a mid-19th century. the school building, since 1996 the bell tower. Not far from there you can admire the former city bailiwick (No. 42), which ...