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The album of the week

May 17th - May 21st 2021: “P60LO FR3SU” by Paolo Fresu

It is a nice gesture when musicians give their audience presents - even on their own birthday. The Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu turned 60 in February. For the occasion he released three records in a nicely presented box and titled them with the play on words “P60LO FR3SU”.

Album number 1 is the re-release of “Heartland”, originally released in 2001, on which Fresu combines lyrical jazz with classical elements with the Belgian singer David Linx, the Dutch pianist Diederik Wissels and a string quartet.

Albums number 2 and 3 are new productions.

Paolo Fresu recorded “The Sun on the Sea” in a trio with bandoneonist Daniele Di Bonaventura and the Brazilian cellist Jacques Morelenbaum. Both have been the trumpeter's musical companions for many years and together they play wonderful Mediterranean-style jazz with Latin American flair.

Last but not least, “P60LO FR3SU” includes the album “Heroes”, a homage to David Bowie, with singer Petra Magoni and trombonist Gianluca Petrella, among others.

Paolo Fresu's 3-record box gives a good impression of the musician's enormous musical breadth and enthusiasm for experimentation, with which he has been delighting international audiences for almost 40 years.

A music tip from Sebastian von Haugwitz

CD information:
Label: Tuk Music
Order no .: TUK043
EAN: 8056364970437

Played tracks:
Monday: Un valzer a Lapedona
Tuesday: Solace
Wednesday: El ciego
Thursday: This is not America
Friday: I nostri tatting, i nostri pensieri

May 10 - May 14, 2021: Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney - "Superwolves"

You're in no great hurry: songwriter and singer Bonnie Prince Billy and guitarist Matt Sweeney. In 2005 they recorded their first album together, "Superwolf". Then five years ago they decided to make a second record and started sending their first song and text ideas back and forth.

The roles were initially clearly assigned: Bonnie Prince Billy (whose real name is Will Oldham) wrote the dramatic, profound and melancholy lyrics - and Matt Sweeney developed the first musical ideas. Now they are done: 14 sparingly orchestrated folk songs full of intimacy and intensity. When it comes to the album title, however, they don't rely on experiments. The "Superwolf" of 2005 became the "Superwolves" of today.

A music tip from Ulrike Kukula.

CD information:
Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney
Dominorecords (release April 30th digital, June 18th physical)

Played tracks:
Monday: Resist the urge

May 3rd - May 7th 2021: Ack van Rooyen - "90"

The bright green digits that adorn the otherwise simple and gray-tones CD cover are no longer up-to-date: the number 90 should now be turned into 91, because the birthday of the Dutch jazz musician Ack van Rooyen was 16 months ago.

What remains unchanged, however, is his stage presence, his expressiveness and his characteristic tone. Especially on the flugelhorn, van Rooyen, who has been active as a musician for over seven (!) Decades, shines with his unmistakable sound full of warmth and melancholy. On the current album, he is accompanied by a German-Dutch sextet, including the Cologne saxophonist Paul Heller.

CD information:
Ack van Rooyen
Published by Jazzline (D 77083)

Played tracks:
Monday: All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings
Tuesday: Papa Can You Hear Me
Wednesday: The Things We Did Last Summer
Thursday: Pra Dizer Adeus
Friday: En Yndig Og Frydefuld summer tide

April 26 - April 30, 2021: Norah Jones - "Til we meet again"

“Til we meet again” is somehow the motto of this time. Until we meet again, family, friends, work colleagues and our favorite artists at concerts. So the first live album by Norah Jones comes at the right time, a kind of greeting to bridge the concertless time.

For almost 20 years we have been accompanied by the voice and of course the music of Norah Jones. A singer with a soft and at the same time powerful voice. She was just 22 when she was even surprised by the success: "I felt as if I had gone to someone else's birthday party and ate the whole cake on my own without leaving a piece to anyone." Her songs seem timeless, because Jones still plays them at her concerts today. The album "Til we meet again" includes pieces from her debut album "Come Away With Me", released in 2002, and its follow-up album, "Feels Like Home," released in 2004 ”, From“ Little Broken Hearts ”and“ Day Breaks ”. The grand finale is Soundgarden's“ Black Hole Sun ”, a moving tribute to Chris Cornell, recorded just days after the Soundgarden frontman's death.“ Til we meet again ” , Norah Jones' first live album, with its 14 songs, forms a wonderful cross-section of Norah's entire career and brings us a little concert feeling at home.

A music tip from Julia Spyker.

Played tracks:

Monday: Sunirse
Tuesday: Those sweet words
Wednesday: Begin again
Thursday: It was you
Friday: Don't know why

CD information:
“Til we meet again“ - Norah Jones
Label: Blue Note Records

April 19 - April 23, 2021: Piers Faccini - "Shapes of the Fall"

Five years ago Piers Faccini released the album "I dreamed an Island". The first single from it, the warning "Bring down the wall", was released just in time for Donald Trump's election as President of the United States of America.

The current work "Shapes of the Fall" by the Anglo-Italian singer-songwriter again contains socially critical undertones, which he subtly incorporates in his genre-connecting songs and poetic texts. The Mediterranean plays a major role in this. Faccini brings elements of North African and South European folklore together and creates a very unique sound, a kind of Mediterranean blues.

The core theme of his seventh studio album is the ecological decline of our planet, which is in full swing with the exploitation of natural resources, environmental disasters and the daily shrinking biodiversity.

"Shapes of the Fall" is a special, atmospherically dense album that makes you think. With melancholy and at the same time comforting melodies and lines of text such as "Where there's a will there's a wanting - where there's a heart there's something", it defies the gloomy prospects and gives rise to hope.

A music tip from Sebastian von Haugwitz

CD information:
Label: No Førmat! / Beating drum
Order no .: NOF51
EAN: 3521383465547

Played tracks:
Monday: Paradise Fell
Tuesday: The Longest Night
Wednesday: Levante
Thursday: Lay Low To Lie
Friday: The Real Way Out

April 12 - April 16, 2021: Françoiz Breut - "Flux Flou de la Foule"

She was once one of the young creatives who, around the turn of the millennium, breathed new life into French chanson, which had already been believed dead. Meanwhile, the musician Françoiz Breut is one of the few who has managed to emancipate themselves from this nouvelle chanson movement. Over the years she has continued to develop her music. Your new album is more electronic than ever. Filigree, varied sounds float around the simple melodies. Sung by Françoiz Breut in her crystal clear, sometimes almost childlike voice.

A music tip from Ulrike Kukula.

CD information:
Françoiz Breut
Flux Flou de la Foule
LPM 53 (Le Pop Music / Groove Attack)
Release: April 9th, 2021

Played tracks:
Monday: Juste de passage
Tuesday: métamorphosis
Wednesday: Comme des lapons
Thursday: Dérive urbaine dans la ville
Friday: Le fantôme du lac

April 6th - April 9th ​​2021: Kurt Edelhagen & His Orchestra - "The Unreleased WDR Jazz Recordings 1957-1974 "

After stints at Bayerischer Rundfunk and Südwestfunk, Kurt Edelhagen came to WDR in Cologne in 1957. And with the first rehearsals of his top-class and international orchestra, a new era of jazz will be heralded at the same time. Through strict discipline and regular rehearsals, the orchestra has earned an excellent reputation - not only in jazz, but also in the fields of dance music and hits.

The Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra produced a lot for radio and played countless concerts, but also provided musical accompaniment to a large number of the TV shows that were popular at the time. Since then, over 3,000 individual tracks and recordings have been stored in the WDR archive, and some of the "treasures" are now being made public for the first time. The 3-CD box "The Unreleased WDR Jazz Recordings 1957-1974" contains 40 previously unreleased recordings that bring an important chapter in European jazz history to life.

A music tip from Jörd Heyd.

CD information:
Kurt Edelhagen & His Orchestra
"The Unreleased WDR Jazz Recordings 1957-1974"
Published by Jazzline Classics
(D 77091)

Played tracks:
Tuesday: El Mo.
Wednesday: Mc Arthur Park
Thursday: Beach (Kurt Edelhagen All Star Sextet)
Friday: Black Eyed Baby

March 29 - April 01, 2021: Nancy Sinatra - Start Walkin '1965-1979

A pair of black go-go boots, see-through stockings, the rocking hem of a sequined cashmere sweater. Legs. Bass. A woman who dances from life, in short: Nancy Sinatra. Our album of the week comes from her.

"Start Walkin '1965-1976" is a compilation. The early work of Nancy Sinatra, so to speak. All songs come from the period from 1965 to 1976, Nany Sinatra's most successful period. She became known with hits like "These Boots Are Made for Walking" or the duet "Something Stupid" with her father Frank On top of that she made films with Elvis Presley and sang perhaps one of the best Bond songs "You Only Live Twice" and later She helped the Tarantino soundtrack "Kill Bill" achieve cult status with "Bang Bang". On the album she can not only be heard solo, of course her long-time duet partner Lee HazIewood should not be missing. Some rarities from his pen are included, but of course also their first and perhaps biggest hit "Summer Wine". But what really speaks in favor of this hit compilation by Nany Sinatra? The tracks are all remastered, and on top of that you get an extensive booklet. In a long interview you roam through her career with Nancy Sinatra, which is complemented by many photos from her personal archive. So an album for the fans and those who want to become one.

A music tip from Julia Spyker

CD information:
Label: Light in The Attic

Played tracks:
Monday: These Boots are made for walkin '
Tuesday: Lady Bird
Wednesday: Summer Wine
Thursday: Sugar Town

March 22nd - March 26th 2021: Daniel Lanois - Heavy Sun

Daniel Lanois is a producer, musician and permanent guest and winner of the Grammy Awards. The Quebec-born Canadian worked with Bob Dylan, U2 and Peter Gabriel, among others, and was most recently responsible for the atmospheric soundtrack for the western video game "Red Dead Redemption 2".

His new band project and album of the same name, "Heavy Sun", brings together what he grew up with: gospel singing and organ music. In addition, there are subtle electronic effects and one or the other rhythmic excursion into dub and reggae fields. In the foreground, however, is the organ from bandmate Johnny Shepherd and the polyphonic singing, which gives the songs something ethereal. Daniel Lanoi's plan thus works: "We want to lift people's spirits with this music."

A music tip from Sebastian von Haugwitz.

CD information:Label: SPV Recordings
EAN: 0625612839239
Digital release: March 19, 2021
Release CD: April 2nd, 2021

Played tracks:
Monday: Every Nation
Tuesday: Tree of Tule
Wednesday: Angels Watching
Thursday: (Under The) Heavy Sun
Friday: Mother’s Eyes

March 15 - March 19, 2021: Veronica Swift - This Bitter Earth

Even if she is currently being traded as one of the young aspiring jazz singers - 26-year-old Veronica Swift from Charlottesville / Virginia describes herself as a "story teller".

After the autobiographical album “Confessions” from 2019, she focuses on “This Bitter Earth” on larger topics such as sexism, xenophobia and racism. For this she has selected cross-genre songs from the Great American Songbook, jazz standards, modern R’n’B numbers and musical pieces, which she combines into several thematic song cycles. She is accompanied by a first-class trio around the New York pianist Emmet Cohen, who are occasionally reinforced by strings, guitar and saxophone.

Despite all the passion and persuasiveness with which Swift tells the socio-politically relevant stories, in the end it is important to her not to take a political position: “I make it very clear to my audience that, as an artist, I can only observe certain topics as an observer treat outside. "

A music tip from Sebastian von Haugwitz.

CD information:
Label: Mack Avenue Records
Order number: MAC1177
Release: March 19, 2021

Played titles
Monday: How lovely to be a woman
Tuesday: You're the dangerous type
Wednesday: He hit me (and it felt like a kiss)
Thursday: Everybody has the right to be wrong
Friday: Prisoner of love

March 8 - March 12, 2021: Belina - Music For Peace

The Polish singer Belina (1925-2006) traveled to 120 countries in the course of her career and sang songs in no fewer than 17 languages. Belina comes from Poland, where she witnessed the invasion of German troops as a teenager in 1939. Her Jewish family was torn apart and abducted, her parents and three brothers were killed. Despite her tragic fate as a persecuted, refugee and forced laborer, she later managed to lead a successful life as an artist.

The chanson was an ideal medium for Belina all her life, her very personal mouthpiece to promote international understanding, reconciliation and more respect. The biopic “Belina - Music For Peace” is due to be released in cinemas soon. The album of the same name with 22 international songs and evergreens has now been released in advance, reminding of an extraordinary and (almost) forgotten voice. A voice that deserves a hearing, not just from a musical point of view.

A music tip from Jörg Heyd

CD information:
Belina - Music For Peace
Label: Unisono Records
Label code: 28536

Played titles
Monday: Dodi Li
Tuesday: Hogen Gara
Wednesday: Exodus - A Land Is Mine
Thursday: Me’al Pisgat Har Hatzofim
Friday: Tomaszów

March 1st - 5th, 2021: Christoph Neuhaus - "Ramblin Bird"

Our album of the week comes from the south of Germany today. Namely from Stuttgart. It's called "Ramblin Bird" and comes from the pen of the Stuttgart guitarist and songwriter Christoph Neuhaus. "Ramblin Bird", or Wandervogel, describes the album very well, because Neuhaus combines groove, jazz, blues and folk into a wonderfully explosive mixture.

In order to really get such a mixture to boil and groove, the right musicians are necessary. And Christoph Neuhaus gathers them around him. Above all, two strong female voices with Franziska Schuster and Pauline Ruhe, who shine in the finely spun folk songs like "Views" or "Patience For The Unacquainted", but also withstand the grooves in "Walk Up Fall Down" or "Bottled Up Dancer" . And it is precisely these two poles that make up the album "Ramblin Bird".

Rich, earthy blues numbers with imaginative improvisations in which the band rocked each other together and on the other hand, fragile, intimate and absolutely reduced folk songs, which offer the necessary breather on the album, before jumping again into the next vortex of driving beats and howling guitar sounds.

A music tip from Julia Spyker.

CD information:
Christoph Neuhaus - Ramblin Bird
Label: StereoSüd / Recordjet

Played tracks:
Monday: Walk Up Fall Down
Tuesday: Ramblin Bird
Wednesday: View
Thursday: Get Out
Friday: Patience For The Unacquainted

February 22nd - 26th, 2021: Reis Demuth Wiltgen - "sly"

In 1998 Michel Reis, Marc Demuth and Paul Wiltgen played together for the first time at a school concert. The trio performed regularly in their home country of Luxembourg until the musicians parted ways to study: drummer Wiltgen went to New York, bassist Marc Demuth to Brussels and The Hague and pianist Michel Reis studied in Boston. In 2011 they got together again, two years later they recorded their debut, which was followed by three more albums.

The current album is titled "Sly" and shows a finely drawn fox on the cover. "The fox represents our close ties to Luxembourg."writes the trio in the text accompanying the record - one of the most notable literary works in Luxembourgish is the fable" Renert "by Michel Rodange, a Reineke-Fuchs adaptation.

The compositions and arrangements on "Sly" are also very clever: lyrical melodies are broken up by sudden changes in tempo and rhythmic shifts. The classical piano trio Reis Demuth Wiltgen has its own reading of jazz and it includes influences from rock, groove and pop.

A music tip from Sebastian von Haugwitz.

CD information:
Artist: Reis Demuth Wiltgen
Album: "sly"
Label: Cam Jazz
Order number: CAMJ 7957-2

Played tracks:
Monday: No Storm Lasts Forever
Tuesday: Silhouettes On The Kuranda
Wednesday: Diary Of An Unfettered Mind
Thursday: Let Me Sing For You
Friday: Venerdi Al Bacio

February 15-19, 2021: Charles Pasi - "Zebra"

For a long time he was considered the young, rising star in the French blues sky. He is now 37 years old and seems to have arrived: the Frenchman Charles Pasi - singer, composer, guitarist and harmonica player - has released a new album.

He wrote the new songs while he was on tour with his last album: in China, Tunisia, Germany, Turkey or Mauritius. He has called his new work Zebra - it is his second record to be released by the time-honored jazz label Blue Note. Then he smoothly mixes elements from classical soul, contemporary pop and jazz into his compositions without losing the roots of the blues. Earthy sounds meet lightness and joy of playing.

A music tip from Ulrike Kukula.

CD information:
Charles Pasi
Label: Decca
Order number: 9680466

Played tracks:
Monday: happy single
Tuesday: Mike and Richie
Wednesday: Warm embrace
Thursday: 10 Years Old
Friday: Hello Spain

February 8th - 12th, 2021: "We Are Doing Well"

Joo Kraus took his time for four years, now he's back with a new album whose title “We Are Doing Well” exudes a lot of optimism. But the uninhibited ease of his trumpet playing is just one of many facets. Because his music has always stood for complexity: Kraus skilfully cruises with his band through recent music history and changing moods - preferably beyond the usual musical genres.

His home ape is jazz, but from there he goes on excursions into the most diverse border areas in the direction of Latin, funk, hip hop and electro. Joo Kraus has put ten new songs (plus a hidden track!) On his new album that don't obey any laws. If there are any constants at all, then in the first place there would be the freedom to name his uncompromising flow and an irrepressible joy in playing.

A music tip from Jörg Heyd.

CD information:
"We Are Doing Well"
Joo Kraus
Label: O-Tone Music
Order number: 0635322139949, LC 30913

Played tracks:
Monday: We Are The World
Tuesday: Space Glider
Wednesday: We Are Doing Well
Thursday: Paper Plane Control
Friday: Elvis in Paris

February 1st - 5th, 2021: "Afterglow" and "The Real You"

Our "album of the week" comes in a double pack this time, because the Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi released two duo albums almost at the same time. "Afterglow" is the name of one, together with the Belgian trumpeter Bert Joris. The other is called "The Real You", together with the Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk.

So much in advance, there were two albums worth listening to. On both duo albums, musicians meet who complement each other in a congenial way, give each other space, respond to each other and show what can only be created as a couple without a large band. There is a highly musical dialog between Pieranunzi and the bassist Fonnesbaek when the two musicians tease, inspire, challenge and quote each other, as in "I Will Look After You". And when the Belgian trumpeter Bert Joris joins Pieranunzi, you immediately notice that the two musically speak the same language, piano and trumpet interweave in "People Change", merge, dissolve again, become one, become a swaying respite.

All in all, there are two albums that in the best sense invite you to switch off, to slow down. Because in both constellations the musicians manage to create special moods, some things are melancholy without being worn out, but the joke is not neglected either. Two albums that will definitely open the hearts of duo fans.

A music tip from Julia Spyker.

CD information:
Enrico Pieranunzi and Bert Joris
Label: Challenge

"The Real You"
Enrico Pieranunzi and Thomas Fonnesbæk
Label: stunt

Played tracks:
Monday: Afterglow
Tuesday: I Will Look After You
Wednesday: Siren's Lounge
Thursday: People Change
Friday: Millie

January 25-29, 2021: James Yorkston & The Second Hand Orchestra - "The Wide, Wide River"

The Scottish folk musician James Yorkston and Karl-Jonas Winqvist, the Swedish producer and leader of the indie troupe The Second Hand Orchestra, have a long friendship. For their first collaboration, Yorkston brought a number of unfinished music ideas to the studio in Sweden. Within three days he worked out eight songs with the musicians of the Second Hand Orchestra, which have now been released under the title "The Wide, Wide River".

The atmosphere during the recording sessions, which is characterized by spontaneity and improvisation, is perfectly captured on the album. While Yorkston tells stories of past loves and failed friendships in melancholy folk ballads, the fine arrangements with strings and flutes ensure a balancing lightness, so that "The Wide, Wide River" leaves a pleasant feeling of longing and melancholy at the end.

A music tip from Sebastian von Haugwitz.

CD information:
James Yorkston & The Second Hand Orchestra
"The Wide, Wide River"
Label: Domino Recording
Order number: WIGCD484

Played tracks:
Monday: Ella Mary Leather
Tuesday: Choices, Like Wide Rivers
Wednesday: Struggle
Thursday: A Droplet Forms
Friday: There Is No Upside

January 18-22, 2021: J.T. - Steve Earle & The Dukes

He made a career as a country music rebel in the 1980s. His songs were rougher, more direct and more critical than the then popular country pop from Nashville. Nevertheless, his life was more like a rock star cliché: he took up drugs at an early age, his career collapsed, he had to go to jail. After that he stayed clean and is still building on his successes as a musician.

Steve Earle's son, Justin Townes, like his father, wrote country music. And he took hard drugs from an early age, like his father. Justin Townes died of an overdose in August last year. Steve Earle has now covered ten songs by his son. And added a last, self-written farewell song. An album that sounds completely different from what one would expect from this prehistory: cheerful, lively country folk, without any sentimentality.

A music tip from Ulrike Kukula.

CD information:
Steve Earle & The Dukes
New West Records / PIAS-Rough Trade

Played tracks:
Monday:: I don’t care
Tuesday: Lone Pine Hill.
Wednesday: Ain't glad I'm leaving
Thursday: Harlem River Blues
Friday: Last Words

January 11-15, 2021: Pure Desmond - "Pure Desmond Plays James Bond Songs"

He wanted to sound like a “dry martini”, that was the maxim of Paul Desmond, the saxophonist of the legendary quartet of Dave Brubeck. And if there is any cold drink associated with the secret agent, then of course it is that cocktail.

The quartet "Pure Desmond" is now bringing together cinema and cold drinks on a new CD, because the jazz combo is dedicated exclusively to Bond's film music on the album "Pure Desmond plays James Bond Songs". The sound is as dry, elegant and sophisticated as the cocktail mentioned above.

Because the quartet around saxophonist Lorenz Hargassner plays straightforward, partly minimalist and always transparent jazz in the tradition of the cool jazz era of the 1950s.

A music tip from Jörg Heyd.

CD information:
Pure Desmond - "Pure Desmond Plays James Bond Songs"
Label: Major Music

Played tracks:
Monday: Die Another Day
Tuesday: We Have All The Time In The World
Wednesday: From Russia With Love
Thursday: License To Kill
Friday: Diamonds Are Forever

January 4th - 8th 2021: Laura Veirs - "My Echo"

Actually you just want to start the new year on a positive note. But the theme of our "album of the week" is a failed marriage. One could now assume that the only music to be heard here is full of sadness and total bitterness. But Laura Veirs is doing something on her now eleventh album "My Echo" totally different.

As a child, Laura Veirs didn't really have much to do with music and making music, she only learned to play the guitar at university when she was 19. She founds bands, meets her husband, the producer Tucker Martin, and becomes something like the dream folk-indie couple with him. And now her 11th album "My Echo" is out. It is Laura Veir's divorce album, with her ex still being her producer. So it seems that they have split up for good.

But on the album "My Echo" you can definitely feel the uncertainty that a thing like a divorce or a loss can trigger when life is shaken and nothing seems to be the same as it used to be. But the basic mood from "My Echo" is confidence. Laura Veirs can do this with her voice and guitar alone. She creates intimate, withdrawn moods. She stares at turquoise walls ("Turquoise Walls") because she doesn't know what to do. In between it gets light-footed, as in "Another Space and Time", when strings sounds, fine percussion and birdsong join the voice and guitar of Laura Veirs.

"My Echo" by Laura Veirs is a calm, unexcited album in the most positive sense, it is ideally suited to calm down and banish the world out there a little.

A music tip from Julia Spyker.

CD information:
Laura Veirs - "My Echo"
Label: Bella Union

Songs played:
Monday: Another Space and Time
Tuesday: Turquoise Walls
Wednesday: Memaloose Island
Thursday: All the Things
Friday: Burn too Bright