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How good does kale taste in the jar?

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Kale tastes best after the first frost. Then he stood long enough to convert starch into glucose through photosynthesis and thereby reduce bitter substances. Streaked with pee or cabbage sausage and a good piece of bacon, kale fresh from the field is a feast for the whole family. But many shy away from the effort of cleaning the green leaves. Markt tested five alternatives from the jar (price per 100 grams):

  • Best harvest from Netto for 10 cents
  • Stollenwerk for 11 cents
  • Seidel for 21 cents
  • Lipperland for 24 cents
  • Kühne for 30 cents

TV chef Björn Freitag, a restaurateur and two country women try the kale for the market.

Less nutrients in jars and cans

Fresh kale contains many vitamins, iron and folic acid. Canned and jared kale are less nutritious: both variants are pre-cooked. They contain water and salt.

Kale im Glass the once pre-cooked, bottled and heated again. This makes it durable, but also deprives it of vitamins.

In a Food can the cabbage arrives raw, mixed with salted water. Then the can is sealed and cooked under vacuum. The so-called pasteurization is used to preserve the cabbage. Many nutrients are retained in the process.

Kale contains even more nutrients from the Freezer: It is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve vitamins.

Conclusion: The testers liked two varieties

The testers liked the kale varieties from Kühne and Seidel best. They recommend seasoning the kale from the jar with mustard, salt and pepper and cooking smoked meat or bacon with it. The testers did not like the products from Beste Harvest, Lipperland and Stollenwerk.


Kale Recipes

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