Why should men never marry

Not for romantics! | Ten reasons why you should NOT get married

They want to marry? Just don't do it, advises divorce attorney and author Dr. Sabine Mayer *. Because very few know what they are getting into. In 2012 alone there were almost 180,000 divorces in Germany, compared to 387,000 couples willing to marry.

BILD names ten things that you should know before you take the risk of a wedding altar! Everything is armed: with a prenuptial agreement, you can avoid some of the marriage traps.

1. You lose control of your assets

Marriage ends the freedom to dispose of one's own wealth as a whole. The consent of the spouse is required, e.g. B. If you want to sell your own things. This also applies if the property was not earned during the marriage, but before.

2. You are liable for the partner's contracts

The law provides for a joint obligation of both spouses if it is a contract to adequately cover the living needs of the family, e.g. B. when buying food, clothing, household items. Consequence: One spouse must be responsible for the contracts that the other has concluded.

3. You pay for the in-laws' home

Your in-laws have to go to the home? You too can be asked to pay. And then when the income of the parents-in-law or the spouse is insufficient to pay the costs of a nursing home. Then the total income counts. In official German this is called "concealed child-in-law liability".

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4. You have to pay for your partner's debts

A bailiff can use all items that are in the possession of both spouses. This means: the bailiff can take everything that is in the married home with him. Exception: You can prove (e.g. by means of a sales contract) that an item is your sole property.

5. You are liable to the tax office

The joint tax assessment brings not only the tax advantage but also a disadvantage. Because the spouses are then jointly and severally liable to the tax office for back tax payments - even after the divorce.

6. You have to repay gifts

When it comes to gifts of money from in-laws, you shouldn't rejoice too early. Because in the worst case, everything has to be repaid if the marriage fails. No matter who is to blame for the end of the marriage.

7. You pay when the ex-partner's new marriage fails

If your ex-partner's new marriage is dissolved, an old maintenance claim can come back to life. This applies if there are children from the first marriage who need to be looked after.

8. You pay for the joint account

A shared bank account gives each spouse the opportunity to plunder the account. The credit line can also be used up. Then you are also responsible for the overdraft interest.

9. You pay when you get a higher salary

A dependent spouse can demand higher maintenance if, after the divorce, there has been an increase in salary or promotion to the other.

10. You pay as a horned husband

A child is assigned to the man who was married to the child's mother at the time of birth. If this is not the biological father, there is an option to contest paternity within two years. If this deadline is missed, the adulterous child is entitled to inheritance and maintenance claims.

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Totally crazy marriage judgments

Expensive derailment on Facebook

Cologne - A divorced wife wrote on Facebook: “Received the bill from the lawyer - 3500 euros for a stupid divorce. Wonder if a contract killer wouldn't be cheaper ... ". Her ex-husband filed a libel lawsuit. Although the woman quickly deleted the entry, she had to pay him 400 euros in legal fees. Because: Your statements were "an attack on the honor" of your divorced husband. (AG Bergisch Gladbach, 60 C 37/11)

Dog custody battle

Schleswig - A couple with three dogs got divorced, but could not agree on who would get the dogs. The court decided according to "logical" criteria: The big dog stayed with the woman (she continued to live on the common yard). The cocker spaniel stayed with the woman too, it was a gift from the man. The third, smaller dog was allowed to move in with the man. The woman could not prove that she was the only caregiver for him. (Schleswig-Holstein OLG, 15 UF 143/12)

You have to share the lottery winnings with your ex

Karlsruhe - A not yet divorced man won almost a million euros in the lottery with his new partner - and had to share the money with his still wife. Although they've been separated for seven years, they haven't been divorced yet. This means that winning the lottery counts towards the gain adjustment, so it must be shared with the (still) spouse. (BGH, XII ZB 277/12)