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Vegan and sustainable winter jackets without down

It's getting really cold outside and so that you don't have to freeze in winter, we have a selection for you here vegan and sustainable winter jackets compiled. We try to keep this list up to date and update it regularly. So please stop by more often!

What is the difference between a vegan winter jacket and conventional jackets?

If you are currently looking for a winter coat, you will have already noticed that the choice is huge. On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes clear that many conventional jackets from the major well-known manufacturers contain animal components.

Live plucking in down production

Down in particular is a big problem. In the past few years, the animal welfare organization PETA has repeatedly reported on companies that pluck live geese for down production. For the animals this means endless agony and it is even worse: because whoever buys down may also support the animal-torturing foie gras and meat industries. Many farms raise the birds for meat production and make additional profit from their feathers. For the consumer, it is not clear where the down comes from and whether the animals were plucked alive. So if you want to be on the safe side, you should avoid down entirely.

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Faux fur is real sometimes

Another big problem with winter jackets, coats and the like is the fur trim. Although the wearing of fur is now strongly condemned in large parts of the population, items of clothing that are provided with real fur keep appearing. Animal Equality reports in the campaign “Faux fur is real” about how dog and cat fur, especially in China, are used as cheap alternatives to faux fur. Although the import of pet fur has been banned across the EU since 2009, real fur collars with the label “100 percent polyester” still find their way into our stores. It is possible for trained eyes to recognize whether it is artificial or real fur, but here, too, the following applies: There is no such thing as one hundred percent security! If you still don't want to do without fur for optical reasons, you should stick to brands that are trustworthy and, at best, are completely vegan and transparent.

Use of leather

As with numerous fashion items, leather is also often used in winter jackets, for example as a logo emblem or for applications. In addition to the animal exploitation associated with leather production, the processing process is particularly to be criticized. According to PETA, 90 percent of leather worldwide is tanned with the reactive heavy metal chrome and preserved with toxic chemicals. The consequences for people and the environment are fatal. Fortunately, there are now great vegan leather alternatives made of paper, pineapple fibers or plastics.

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Warm jackets from Bleed

Bleed is one of the leading brands in the field of sustainable sportswear and outdoor clothing. The label not only relies on innovative materials such as Organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, cork, linen or hemp, but also pay attention fair working conditions in the manufacture of its textiles. Most of the production takes place in Europe and around a fifth in Asia. Certificates like GOTS guarantee regular working hours and fair wages in the production facilities. All branded products are vegan and even PETA "vegan approved". The jackets are available at Jojeco *, Basic material * or directly from Bleed.