Can a man wear a padded bra?

Why I started wearing bras again (and which ones!)

Yes, the bra is a controversial topic par excellence. Some of us feel constrained by it like a laying hen, it pinches and slips and pinches all the time, but for others it gives (the necessary, pain-avoiding) support, sometimes even self-confidence and definitely stability. Basically, you can hate, love or hate your bra. It can be seen as practical or decorative, a blessing and a curse, or a means to an end (although there are many purposes). In any case, the fact is very clear that every woman has her very own brassiere story to tell - I would like to tell you my personal story now. It is about renouncing and making friends again, about cherishing and despising. Everything at the same time.

It all started with a white bustier when something spherical began to lift about half an inch from the rest of my torso. The first real bra in my school was about as highly regarded on the coolness scale as a high school musical (high !!!) and was therefore of course purchased a little later, namely with a breast size of "1cm". I still remember exactly how it was when my mother and I visited the H&M lingerie department for the first time to choose my first own bra (pink, lace and push-up). I felt so cool, feminine and grown up like never before and don't forget, I'm 18 today - “back then” nothing stood in the way of my dream relationship with Jimi-Blue Ochsenknecht or Michael Ballack. Really true.

It was just a piece of cloth that got into my closet and under my T-shirt, but one with unexpected effects. Wearing a real bra clearly felt like another step towards empowerment and independence. The bra became a symbol of freedom. It felt like growing up, and a little bit like rebellion.

A few years of living together followed without any major problems. The bra and I had got used to each other and found a common everyday life.