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Aloo Paratha | Indian flatbread with potato filling

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Aloo Paratha is a popular Indian flatbread from the pan that is super easy to make and delicious! You can fill this spicy 3-ingredient pan bread as you like and serve it as a starter, side dish, hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perfect for any occasion!

What is Aloo Paratha?

If you've never tried or never heard of Aloo Paratha, it's definitely time to change that! Because this simple flatbread with a potato filling is so delicious that you will probably want to make it over and over again! It's made from a simple 3-ingredient bread dough and filled with a healthy filling made from potatoes, spring onions, and fresh herbs. Then it is briefly baked golden brown and crispy in the pan and the simple pan bread is ready!

Indian flatbread recipe

Aloo Paratha is actually a traditional Indian breakfast dish. In addition to naan, paratha is always a “must” in Indian cuisine. There are also simple parathas without a filling, but my favorite is the flatbread with a potato filling “Aloo Paratha” (“Aloo” means “potato”). In any case, this simple vegan recipe is not only ideal as a delicious hearty breakfast, but it is also great as a side dish for lunch or dinner. For example, I really enjoy serving it with a creamy one curry, Lentil Dal or to one Soup. And in summer, when the barbecue and grill season begins, as well as on weekends, I also like to offer them as a party snack Dips on or as a starter with a fresh salad.

Simple pan bread

The simple flatbread dough consists only of flour, salt, water and a little oil. So only 3 ingredientsif you don't count the water as an ingredient. No yeast or long resting time is required for the preparation, so you can get maximum only 5 minutes need! You just have to mix all the ingredients together and then knead with your hands until you get a smooth, supple and elastic dough. Because the dough isn't sticky, you don't need a lot of flour to dust the work surface. This also makes it very easy to roll out the dough and shape it, which I really like about this recipe!

Healthy potato filling with spring onions

The vegan potato filling is also very easy to prepare and it just so happens that it looks a lot like mine Maultaschen filling. It's basically just boiled potatoes, spring onions, chopped herbs, and a few spices. The great thing about this recipe is that you can replace the ingredients in the filling with other vegetables or even leave them out. Personally, I find that creativity in the kitchen often leads to delicious new recipes. So try something new!

Prepare aloo paratha

First divide the prepared bread dough into 4 equal pieces and shape them into round balls. I recommend that you start with one piece and cover the remaining pieces during this time so that they do not dry out. Roll out the first ball into a 20-22 cm circle. Then put a serving of the filling on one half of the circle, leaving a 1-1.5 cm border.

Now moisten the exposed edge with a little water and then fold the other half of the dough over the filling, like a giant one ravioli. Finally, press the edges together firmly to seal the dumplings.

To bake the flatbreads, heat some oil in a large pan over medium heat. Then put in one or two filled flatbreads and fry them until golden brown. I recommend using a spatula to gently press the outer edges while frying so that your Aloo Paratha browns evenly. Otherwise the edges will stay light and won't get crispy. As soon as one side is golden brown and crispy, you can turn it over and bake it on the other side as well.

This Indian flatbread with potato filling is

  • Vegan
  • Egg free
  • Easy
  • Hearty
  • Spicy
  • Healthy
  • Can be filled with anything!
  • Delicious!
  • Perfect as a starter, side dish or main meal!

Suggestions for other fillings

As mentioned before, you can get really creative with the filling and fill your aloo paratha with almost anything you like. I already have this simple flatbread from the pan with me Sweet potatoes and pumpkin Tried instead of regular potatoes and it was delicious too! Alternatively, you could replace the potatoes with another mashed vegetable, such as broccoli. However, you should make sure that the vegetable mixture is not too watery after cooking. Here are some of my favorite recipes with fillings that you can use for this flatbread too

Tip for preparing pan bread

To save time, you can prepare the batter and vegetables in advance and store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. However, you should wrap the dough tightly in cling film beforehand so that it does not dry out. If you then want to use the dough, you should take it out of the refrigerator about 45 minutes before rolling it out and let it rest at room temperature. Then you can prepare your flatbread from the pan super quickly!

If you try my Indian flatbread with potato filling, please leave me a comment about how you liked it! And if you take a photo of your Aloo Paratha and share it on Instagram, please link me with @biancazapatka and use the hashtag #biancazapatka so I don't miss your post! Have fun cooking!

Filled flatbread (Indian Aloo Paratha)

Author: Bianca Zapatka
Aloo Paratha is a popular Indian flatbread from the pan that is super easy to make and delicious! You can fill this spicy pan bread as you like and serve it as a starter, side dish, hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perfect for any occasion!