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iTranslate is the best free translator and dictionary app. Translate texts or start a voice-to-voice conversation in 100+ languages. Our new offline mode enables you to use and translate with iTranslate abroad - translate without having to pay expensive roaming fees!

• Free translator for more than 100 languages
• Speech output with male or female voice
• Switching between different dialects when translating
• Dictionary & translator with synonyms and different meanings in different languages
• Transliteration, sharing, favorites, history, and much more

PRO functions
• Lens: Use your camera to instantly translate menus, signs and more.
• Offline translation mode in over 40 languages.
• Voice-to-voice conversations
• Verb conjugation in different tenses

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• 70 million downloads and more than 120,000 reviews
• "... language barriers are a thing of the past.", Time.com
• "This is a game changer." - The Huffington Post
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An internet connection is required to use the app. To use the offline mode, a previous download of the language packs is required.

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