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Apple Test 2021 • The 2 best Apple products in comparison

Our recommendation: Apple iPhone 11

User-friendly smartphone with 3 cameras


The iPhone 11 from Apple can do even better Photo and video recordings than its predecessors: In addition to the front camera, the iPhone 11 has two more on the back Ultra wide angle cameras (13 mm) and Wide angle (26 mm). It can therefore take in up to four times more of the surroundings even with a small distance 4K in high resolution film, focus quickly even in low light and, thanks to night mode, take very good pictures in dark light conditions. The smartphone has a high resolution 6.1 inch Liquid Retina HD display with HDR and True Tone (with a diagonal of 15.5 cm). Accidental dropping into water or heavy rain do not affect the iPhone 11: It keeps the phone in up to water-protected 2 meters water depth up to 30 minutes without being damaged. With a fast chip, a longer one Battery life and the ability to charge the iPhone quickly and wirelessly, it is also special when you are on the go


Some users have a night mode on the camera Problem with reflections (Lens flare / ghosting) when taking pictures against the light.
Sometimes the photographed lights are reflected elsewhere in the picture. This problem can also occur with previous models, and depending on the incidence of light, cameras away from the smartphone can - intentionally or unintentionally - show lens flare effects on the recordings.

So much for one Replacing the lens or device If no improvement can (yet) be achieved, it is advisable to check the result after taking the respective night photo and, if necessary, to repeat the recording from a different angle to the light source.

Best Apple headphones: Apple AirPods Pro

Wireless headphones for on the go


With the options of the active Noise cancellation and des Transparency mode With the Apple AirPods Pro, you can decide for yourself whether you want to hear ambient noise or if you want to concentrate fully on the sound from your headphones. Thanks to the individual Fit fit in each ear. The sound quality is very good. With the wireless charging case, the headphones are not only easy to store, but can also be recharged for a playback time of 4.5 hours with one charge and up to 24 hours with multiple intermediate charges in the charging case.

With the original wireless headphones you have no compatibility problems when using Apple devices from MacBook to tablet to iPhone. Special functions such as coupling / switching between devices, call notifications, the search function for misplaced AirPods and other options are possible (at least with more recent) Apple devices (e.g. from the iPhone 8). Apart from that, the AirPods Pro can also be used as normal Bluetooth headphones with other products.


By her little, wireless construction the AirPods Pro can be laid more easily than conventional earphones with cables.

As soon as they are taken out of the ear and not immediately packed in the charging case but stored elsewhere, the small plugs can easily get lost - a real nuisance with the three-digit purchase price.

However, Apple offers tracking for its wireless headphones, which allows users to use their iCloud and login with the Apple ID Show the location of the AirPods Pro on a map or play a sound. To do this, the app "Where is?“Be installed on an Apple device with which the AirPods are otherwise used and the earphones should still have a charge.

Best Apple iPad: iPad 10.2 "Retina Display (7th generation)

Versatile tablet with a large display


The new iPad has - compared to the previous model, a larger one - 10.2 inch retina display for one good image resolution. The support for the Apple Pencil and the ability to connect a full-size Smart Keyboard to an iPad for the first time offer you a wide range of possible uses. The iPad is also available as a thinner model iPad Air and as a smaller iPad Mini with its functions. The Battery power of up to 10 hours is comparatively long.


The A10 fusion chip is described by some users as not powerful enough, for example when it comes to graphically elaborate games that require more processor power to run smoothly. Depending on what you plan to use your iPad for, this can be a disadvantage. Common for many Applications from surfing From streaming to working with the device, however, the chip is completely sufficient in most cases.

Best Apple Watch: Apple Watch Series 4

Waterproof smartwatch with many (fitness) functions


Theres Apple Watch 4 display is round 30 percent bigger than the previous model, the Apple Watch 3 and just as big as the current Apple Watch 5. With Heart sensor (electrical and optical), altimeter, acceleration sensor and gyro sensor for rotary movements, the Apple Watch is also an ideal fitness tracker and health monitor: the Apple Watch automatically detects when you are exercising and can give you up to Display 5 measured values ​​at the same time, notifies you if your heart rate is abnormally high or low and offers an emergency call in the event of a fall.

Compared to the newer model, the Apple Watch 5, the Apple Watch 4 has the same resolution, the processor is just as fast and the model 4 only lacks the compass when it comes to sensors compared to the Apple Watch 5. She has up to 18 hours of battery life and is waterproof up to 50 meters. In terms of price, the Apple Watch 4 is slightly cheaper than the successor model Apple Watch 5 with similar features.


The Apple Watch 4 is only available to iPhones and not compatible with other smartphones. If you use another smartphone - for example with an Android system - you will therefore not be able to benefit from most of the advantages of the Apple Watch. In addition, for the Apple Watch from the Series 4 you need at least an iPhone 5s or SE or a newer model and that operating system should be at least iOS 12 or newer.

If you also want a lot of storage space for apps, photos or music on your Apple Watch, you should consider that the Apple Watch 5 with 32 gigabytes twice as much storage space like the Apple Watch 4 with its 16 gigabytes.
However, since many users have an iPhone with them at the same time as their Apple Watch in order to use the corresponding functions, photos, music or other data can alternatively be called up from there.

Best Apple Notebook: Apple MacBook Air (13 inch display, 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage space, 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor)

Super light, easy to use laptop


The 13.3 in large, high resolution retina Display of the new MacBook Air is for the first time (like the MacBook Pro devices) equipped with True Tone technology, which automatically changes the colors of the Light temperature adapts and thus outputs more naturally. The lightweight notebook weighs only 1.25 kilograms and can be transported easily and safely thanks to its sturdy housing made of (recycled) aluminum. The Battery life is 12 hours particularly long and usually lasts for a whole working day.


With the Butterfly keyboard, which, according to the manufacturer, enables even more pleasant typing, some users describe problems. The phenomenon is known to Apple - it is now the 3rd generation of butterfly keyboards.

In addition to Technology improvements the MacBook Air has been included in the manufacturer's repair program: If there are complaints about the keyboard, users can have them repaired by the manufacturer.

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So we compared

Our product comparison is intended to give you an overview of the latest Apple products and create their advantages and disadvantages. In terms of content, on the one hand we keep an eye on potential new Apple customers who want to find out what the respective Apple product has to offer compared to competing products. On the other hand, points are also mentioned in the mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the products, in which the new version of the Apple product compared to Predecessor Apple product differs.

In this case, the criteria played less of a role (which is associated with Apple products generally in comparison rather in the high-priced framework), but above all the technical equipment, the usability and the Functionality of the respective devices. We present what is offered to you by the respective product and what is mentioned particularly frequently by other buyers as an advantage or disadvantage.

Key features

Even if the ones presented here Apple products yourself in their function differ greatly, there are certain key properties that are characteristic of the brand's products across the board. With them, Apple stands out from the competition, so that they can be important for a purchase decision.

Intuitive usability

The iOS operating system from Apple shines through the proverbial intuitive usability. This is where Apple products clearly stand out from devices with Android or Windows as the operating system. Thanks to the user-friendly, largely self-explanatory interface and menu structure, even smaller children can use the iPad, or seniors can easily learn to use Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad and thus benefit from the advantages of the digitized world.

Reliable, secure apps

To im App store To be offered, apps have to meet a number of requirements and are checked by Apple before they are offered to users. The advantage for users is that the apps are programmed 100 percent for the iPhone or iPad and are therefore always compatible.

Due to the exclusivity that apps can only be downloaded from the Apple Store, the security of apps in terms of malware such as viruses is significantly higher than with open Windows or Android systems.

A Anti virus software for the iPhone or iPad is usually not necessary. Unless you run a so-called "Jailbreak" in which the operating system is manipulated in such a way that it allows third-party software. This significantly increases the security risk for possible external access to your Apple device.

Technical service

One advantage of Apple devices is that the software is automatically kept up-to-date with updates at short intervals (at least, if this is not switched off, the device for the Update with W-LAN / a permanent internet connection connects and connects to the power grid). So you can quickly benefit from the latest improvements and the removal of possible bugs.

In addition, Apple offers each of its out-of-the-box ICloud user in which apps, music, photos and other data can be saved across devices. In this way, you can easily access your data on other Apple devices - for example, newly purchased ones.

Modern design classics with stable value

Anyone who wants to buy or sell a used iPhone will find that they are often traded at half or even two thirds of the original purchase price. For electronic devices that are constantly evolving, this is a comparatively high value retention and highly unusual. On this point, Apple is very clearly ahead of other smartphone manufacturers, which lose their value much more quickly.

True, new iPhones or iPads usually have better functions than the previous models, and also at some point the operating system can run on older ones Apple devices can no longer be updated. Still, Apple devices are very durable in comparison. Wear parts such as batteries can be replaced at any time by experienced hands or external providers, which can extend the possible service life by years.

In addition, it is not always just rational reasons that buyers value in their Apple devices, but also emotional ones, such as the design: Rounded, organic shapes, a flat construction, the flattering feel make the devices appear sophisticated and elegant .

In your Characteristic are Apple devices always easy to recognize as such and clearly stand out from the competition. Anyone who uses an Apple device in public must expect to be recognized in their status as an Apple user and associated with the associated associations - whether positive or negative is in the eye of the beholder.

The best Apple products in summary

Apple iPhone 11 - the latest smartphone from Apple with 3 cameras for even better recordings

Apple AirPods Pro - Wireless headphones with optional noise cancellation, brilliant sound and search function if required

iPad 10.2 "Retina display (7th generation) - Practical tablet with a larger display at an entry-level price

Apple Watch 4 - Waterproof smartwatch with fitness trackers, various sensors and an extra-large display

Apple MacBook Air (13 inch display, 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage space, 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor - light, user-friendly laptop with 12 hours of battery life and high-resolution display

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