Who's the best husband in Skyrim

Skyrim marriage swindler: get married and earn gold with it

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim you have the opportunity to marry an NPC. In this article you will find out how you can get married, get a free house and earn gold through the wedding.

Step 1: "Unlock" marriage

In order for you to be able to get married at all, you first have to unlock your knowledge of getting married. Go to the stables in front of Whiterun and talk to the coachman. He'll take you to Rifton for 20 gold. If you have already been to Rifton, you can of course also travel there directly through Fast Travel.

In Rifton itself you go to Maramal. Maramal is mostly in the bee sting, the tavern of Rifton, or directly in the Temple of Mara in the eastern part of Rifton. He is a priest of the Mara and explains everything to you about weddings. Now buy the chain for 200 gold.

Step 2: Find a spouse

If you equip the chain of Maramal, you have the possibility to ask NPCs willing to marry whether they are interested in you. Most of the time, you have to have done a small quest for your dream partner beforehand or else he has noticed positively.

When you have found an NPC and clarify the wedding with him, which by the way is quite dry, you return to Maramel.

Step 3: Free Home Ownership as a Dowry

As maxmuh writes in his comment on our Skyrim Houses Guide, Ysolde from Whiterun is a particularly good match. She would like to open a caravan and sends you out early to find a mammoth tooth. You can find this in the Stehender Strom warehouse, where you will also find the magic book “Ores umwandel”.

Then you can marry Ysolde. After the ceremony in Rifton, return to Whiterun and speak to her. If you already own a home, you can choose whether you want to move into your or her house. If you have saved the 5,000 gold, you simply move in with her. Thanks maxmuh for the tip!

Step 4: let your wife work

If you can later afford your house, you can let Ysolde know that you are moving. Since the new house will be bigger, you can now trade with her too. The great thing is that she'll buy pretty much everything from you, from weapons to armor and jewelry to scrolls.

She shares her profit as a trader with 100 gold a day.

There are of course many other NPCs you can marry. If you know others with whom a wedding is worthwhile or something else would like to go on, write a comment under this article!