How many lesbians are there in Sweden?

More lesbian marriages

Stockholm - Gay marriages in Sweden are much more popular with women than men. Since the introduction of the so-called "gay marriage" at the beginning of May, 37 lesbian couples in the Scandinavian country have said yes, but only eleven are male.

Even with the homosexual partnerships introduced in Sweden in 1995, female couples are now in the majority, after initially reversing the trend. This comes from current figures from the Swedish Central Statistics Office.

Classic division

The gap between women and men is particularly sharp among children living in same-sex partnerships: Of the 749 cases currently (2008) registered in Sweden, 706 lived with two female parents. In contrast, only 43 children in Sweden have two "papas".

The deputy head of the "Reich Organization for Sexual Equal Rights" (RFSL), Ulrika Westerlund, attributes this primarily to the more varied possibilities for women without a man to have children.

Since 2002, male couples have also had the opportunity to adopt children in Sweden. So far, however, an adoption has not been approved in a single case that is not a so-called "adoption of loved ones", ie a child already conceived by a partner, Westerlund told the daily newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet". (APA)