Are you wearing socks

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Why do you wear sockswhen you wear shoes

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Why are you wearing white Socks with uniform?
Are you wearing always yours Socks in bed?
Though I see that every day you never two matching ones Wearing socks.
It's best to keep your toenails short to protect the lining of your boots, especially when you mostly none Wearing socks.
Keeping your toenails trimmed might better protect the inner lining of your boots, especially if you don't usually wear socks.
I'm just checking if you yours Socks again wearbecause I blasted it off you yesterday!
Just checkin 'to see if your socks are back on, since I knocked 'em off last night!
Probably are you wearing them and disguise yourself as a woman.
At the moment are you wearing nothing at all.
Until the consecration are you wearing the costume of the novice.
Until you are initiated, you want wear the habit of a novice.
Suitable for this are you wearing of course the skull rings.
Suitably to it you carry of course the skull rings.
Are you wearing Women's clothes? - no
do you dress up like a lady? -No.
Why are you wearing always white shirts?
On the forehead are you wearing your splendid origins.
Your glorious heritage is marked on your face.
How so are you wearing that fallen soldier in your pocket?
Maybe are you wearing gloves next time.
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