Find shy people attractive

Shy women - these tips will win you over to their hearts

Is she just too shy to speak to me or is she just not interested in me? Seeing through shy women seems almost impossible for many men. It's actually not that difficult. With a good eye for detail and something Sure instinct can you use the Flirt signals unsafe Women easily recognize it and take your heart by storm. We'll show you how:

Why are women shy?

Definitions of shyness exist as many as there are shy people. Philip Zimbardo, professor of psychology at Stanford University, put it very aptly: "... In the end, everyone is shy who thinks they are!"
While men see their own insecurity as a flaw, you often find shy women particularly attractive. So is that the reason why shyness is so widespread among women? Probably not!

1. Bad experiences

It may well be that the woman you are flirting with is actually not that shy at all. But when it comes to men, she has many bad experiences in the pastmade, has been betrayed and injured. It is understandable that she is now more cautious and cautious when looking for a partner. Take your chance to show that there are nice men in this world too.

2. Strict parents

Upbringing also has an impact on a woman's shyness. Her parents were very strict and she was never allowed to bring a friend home, then she probably just plain and simple not that much experience yet made with the male sex. Shy behavior is the result.

3. classic role models

The man has to take the first step, the woman is conquered. According to studies, this is classic role model still firmly anchored in around 40% of women's heads.
The problem: only 19% of men see it that way. So what's left is a big bunch of unhappy singles waiting for the dream prince or princess to knock on the door.

4. Insufficient self-esteem

Inadequate self-esteem and poor self-confidence are common causes of a woman's withdrawn behavior. You think: "It's way too good for me" or "What does he want from someone like me!" and therefore do not even dare to address this supposedly "far too great man".

5. Shyness as protection

Many women also use introverted behavior as a Protection mechanism. Because who is always locked there and no feelings revealedwho runs no risk of being injured or rejected. But if you don't want to be alone all your life, you have no choice but to take a look over your protective wall. Even at the risk of being rejected.

8 signs a shy woman is interested

Is she just shy or is she not interested? Understanding shy women is sometimes not that easy. Either way, here is a large portion of tact asked to recognize the flirtation signals.
Pay particular attention to these 8 signs:

1. She's chewing her lip

A woman's mouth isn't just great for kissing. He can do you too helpful hints about whether you are interested or not. If someone is around who upsets her and makes her nervous, then insecure women in particular tend to chewing on her lip.

2. She approaches you cautiously

She is always close to you, but does she never speak to you? A good sign that the woman is interested in you, but it is too shy to show it openly. Show her with a nice smile or a short "hello" that you are happy when she is around.

3. Shy women play with their hair

Is she constantly running through her hair or playing around with a strand? A clear sign: she is shy and is interested.

4. She avoids eye contact

She looks everyone else straight in the eye, but if you try to catch a glimpse of her, does she quickly look away? There is no doubt about this: This woman is interested.

5. It turns red when you meet your eyes

Although she tries hard to avoid your gaze, you still manage to look her in the eye for a brief moment. But hardly your eyes meet it is already turning red like a tomato and quickly looks away again. Such a situation is a clear indication of a non-verbal expression of interest.

6. The woman is constantly changing her sitting position

Sometimes she sits to the left of the chair, sometimes to the right. Then she crosses her legs and leans forward. Less than 2 minutes later she leans back and changes legs. If you can observe this behavior in a woman around you, then you have a good chance.

7. Pulling on clothes & holding on to the bag

A woman's body language is diverse. So, for example, can do that too Tugging at clothing or the almost convulsive one Holding on to the handbag provide an indication that in a conversation with you this woman may be particularly fond of you.

8. She secretly listens to you

This stunning woman is always around you, but she never speaks to you? Whether she's interested or not, you can simply test it:
Next time, just tell your friend something funny around her. And? Can you see a smile on her face? Caught! Then she did Secretly listened to you, because she is interested in you, but does not dare to speak to you.

Conquer shy women: 8 tips

The shy woman does clear signs that she is interested in you? Class! Then the next step is to win your heart for yourself. Again, it is with more introverted personalities special caution asked.
Get to know shy women, conquer them, lure them out of their reserves
With these 8 tips, you can shy women from the reserve Curls:

1. Build trust

The key to an insecure woman's heart is her trust. Try her especially in the beginning to take away the uncertainty in which you tell a lot about yourself. Do you know that you have some things in common? Then go into that above all else. So it will Feel much closer to you in the same way.
If you are more of a reserved person, then tell us about it calmly. Maybe soon you can laugh together at your little insecurities.
But carefully: Shy women are good watchers and have an excellent instinct for being led by the nose. So if you are not at all unsure, then don't pretend eitherto gain their trust. Such an action can backfire quickly!

2. Patience is the key to success

The biggest mistake you can make with shy women is becoming impatient. Calm and patience are the keys to success. Start with careful eye contact for the first time.
For the next week, give her a loving smile as you pass by.
So did the lady Zit is slowly getting used to you.

3. Think about something to talk about beforehand

If you want to meet a shy woman, it can be helpful to meet you think about some good topics to talk about beforehand. It is best to choose a topic in which she is very interested. If you have met online, then you should take a close look at your profile beforehand. What are her interests and what does she do in her free time? Discuss something that the shy woman knows well about. This will strengthen her self-confidence and she will feel comfortable with you.

4. Give compliments, but not too many

Sure, every woman likes to hear compliments. However, in order to conquer an introverted woman you should consider this Distribute wisely. Her low self-esteem means that she usually doesn't think much of herself.
Too much or offensive flattery will quickly make the shy woman skeptical.
With defensively worded compliments like: “I like your smile!” or “It's really exciting to hear you!” you can use Ilure your lady of the heart out of the reserve sooner.

5. The first date: choose the location wisely

The shy woman actually wants to meet you? Congratulations, you've done everything right so far. But the location for your first meeting should also be carefully considered. Choose best a very casual place off on that You two are not alone. How about, for example, a leisurely bike ride or a visit to the zoo? This is how no awkward silencewhen she doesn't know what to say.

6. Boost your self-esteem

The insecurity is often due to a low self-esteem. So take away her shyness by iStrengthen your self-confidence. For example, tell her what made you speak to her or lead the conversation on a topic that she is particularly familiar with. So she will slowly feel more secure and be able to take off the cloak of shyness.

7. Beware of the friend zone

You now know: in order to conquer a shy woman, you have to proceed slowly and carefully. Even so, it is important that you always take a step forward and express your interest. Anyone who behaves too passively runs the risk of the well-known and well-known hated friendzone to slide down.

8. Use online dating agencies

To get to know a shy woman is Online dating is the means of choice. In this way, you can relax and exchange a few first, non-binding messages and give her enough time to answer.
Another advantage: If you are shy yourself or are particularly into shy women, then you can simply note this in your personal profile. So you only get suggestions from women who suit you save yourself a lot of disappointing dates.

Get rebuffed? In these situations it pays to stay tuned

Your attempt at flirting with a shy woman was unsuccessful? No need to give up. Often the rejection is not a sign of disinterest in yourself, rather the women are overwhelmed with the situation and don't know what to do other than to flee.
In these 4 cases it pays to stay tuned.

1. She doesn't reply to your message

You sent her a totally romantic message and now she hasn't answered for days? It is quite possible that you simply overwhelmed the insecure woman with your dearly meant emotional outburst. It's best to pretend that the message never happened and and change the subject very easily, then the shy woman will surely answer you again.

2. She evades personal questions

You say a lot about yourself, but as soon as you ask them a personal question, do you evade?
Do not worry, because this behavior is quite normal in insecure women and does not show disinterest in you. It's important, that Don't press them and try to force an answer from her.

3. She cancels the meeting at short notice

Have you been looking forward to the first date with your dream woman for days and now she has simply canceled for no good reason? No need to bury your head in the sand. Particularly shy women can easily get cold feet. Try to take something away from her by doing Include the woman in your planning. As romantic as the idea of ​​yours may be, surprises trigger pure panic rather than great joy in shy women.

4. She refuses to attempt a kiss

If a shy woman Denied her attempt to kiss, that doesn't mean she's not interested in you. She is very likely just not yet ready for the next step. Better to try it first with very careful body contact. Randomly stroke her hand or put your arm around her shoulder. If she doesn't back down here, then you can make a careful second attempt at kissing.

Conclusion: Conquer the heart of a shy woman with a sure instinct

Having shy women their very own way of showing interest. But just because their signals aren't that obvious doesn't mean there aren't any.
With reticent women it is just a little more instinct is required to recognize their flirtation intentions. However, once you have conquered your heart, you are considered to be especially loyal souls.
So be patient, flexible and don't give up on a small rejection. It is sure to pay off.