What is special about Apple Messages

This is how you can create effects in iMessage

Sending iMessage effects manually

You may also want to use the effects for no reason. That is also possible, because they can also be used trigger manually, without a specific word combination. A distinction is made here between iMessage effects that fill the entire screen and those that only animate the message bubble. There are also noises in the background effects. So you shouldn't necessarily send them out when you are in the reading room of the university library.

But how do you get the bubble and background effects? Very simple - after writing, tap and hold the send button and the upward-pointing arrow. You will then see the option "Send with Effect" and you can choose between a speech bubble and a background.

The following options are available for the bladder:

  • Stunner
  • Noticeable
  • Inconspicuous
  • Secret ink

While the first three create a corresponding bubble effect when the recipient receives the message, he must first swipe the speech bubble with the secret ink in order to be able to read the message. If you opt for an animated background, there are:

  • Balloons
  • confetti
  • Laser beams
  • Fireworks
  • Shooting star

The effects are shown as a preview and you can switch them by swiping to the right or left. The same applies here as with the iMessage effects with words: It only works if the recipient also has an iPhone. Otherwise, only the text is shown to him. One more tip at the end: If you cannot create any effects, you may have to activate the function in the settings first. You can find them under General> Accessibility and there under "Reduce movement". If this option is activated, you will NOT be able to use the iMessage effects. So turn them off if you want to send balloons, confetti, and secret messages in the future.