Muslim women actually wear bikinis

Commentary Religion is private, the headscarf is a symbol of Helmut Brandst├Ątter in courier From November 28, 2015 we allow ourselves a few comments - in accordance with cultural and social anthropological findings.

Muslim women who cover their heads have tirelessly declared in recent years that they do this not because their male relatives dictate it, but because they believe that Islam and the Koran dictate it to them.

If there are differences of opinion within Islam as to whether this is actually a Koranic commandment or not, women want to decide for themselves whether or not to cover their heads and not leave this decision to men, not to their own and not to others. In this comment, a non-Muslim man wants to define how Muslim women should present their bodies to the public. Who exactly is oppressing the Muslim woman?

Wearing the headscarf is part of religious practice, and the freedom to practice one's religion is guaranteed in human rights and in the Austrian constitution. No one can force a woman to cover her, and no one can forbid her, no man, no other woman, no law, no ordinance, no rule - just as there can be no compulsion to wear a cross around one's neck or not.

Since Muslim customs and attitudes are now also known in Austrian editorial offices, one has to regret that this article is intended to stir up a mood against members of Islam. Unfortunately, the goal can only be to appeal to the readership in the far right corners of the country.

"We have achieved a peaceful coexistence of religions in Austria," reads there. Unfortunately, such articles endanger this peaceful coexistence.

Ingrid Thurner

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