What are the advantages of the automation framework

Web application for controlling an automation framework

Nornir is a network automation tool with which network devices can be configured programmatically or queried for data. This requires knowledge of the Python programming language in order to write an automation task and then to be able to execute and evaluate it. However, network administrators often come from the system technology corner and accordingly have little experience in programming, which makes it difficult to use such practical tools as Nornir. With the Nornir Webapp, those network administrators should be able to use the advantages of Nornir without being familiar with Python. In the web app, network administrators can start tasks and view the results of the tasks without writing a line in Python. A task can be clicked together using a guided wizard and executed directly or at a desired time. The backend written in Python takes care of the details of the task execution, the frontend is implemented using the React Framework and the Material UI for a modern UI. The application is designed to be expandable so that Python-savvy network administrators can expand the webapp with additional automation tasks. The software was tested using unit, integration and usability tests. In the future, the application could be expanded with a script builder, with which administrators can click together their tasks with ready-made code blocks. In this way, the application can be expanded to include additional scripts without having any knowledge of Python.

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