Are flight group bookings cheaper

Group flights - what are the benefits?

by Leon Montalvo

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Group trips are usually a bigger affair and can quickly become a challenge for lay people.

Do you want to book your first group flight? What you should know about group flights!

In the following report you will find the most important information about booking group flights and the advantages you have as a result.

What exactly are group flights?

A group flight booking is a special type of reservation for travel groups taking the same flight, for example for school trips or trips with the company. Most airlines make it mandatory for groups of 10 or more people, although the upper limit is usually up to 100 people. However, this can be handled differently from airline to airline.

There is no group discount on group flights, but it is worth booking early. Because: The airlines sell the seats on an aircraft at very different prices (so-called yield management). There is a small contingent of cheap early bird tickets, after which the tickets become more expensive. So if you book your group flights early, you can get some of the tickets at an early bird discount and the rest at a more expensive price. In the end, an average price per ticket is calculated so that every group member pays the same price. So: the earlier you book your group flight, the less you will pay!

The names of the passengers must usually be reported to the airline between 14 to 30 days before departure, although the conditions here also differ depending on the airline and often depend on the travel time (high or low season).

If your group is very large, for example because you are traveling with the entire company, there is also the option of booking a charter flight. So you have an entire aircraft for you and your employees and save costs at the same time. This is the perfect start to a business trip!

In any case, you must not fail to book the group rate for groups of 10 or more. Otherwise the airline has the right to cancel your booking or to charge you financially.

How do I book group flights?

When booking single flights, the process is usually the same: you visit the booking website or the page of the airline of your choice, select your destination and the desired travel dates and prices are spewed out at the push of a button. You can book immediately.

This is different when booking group flights. Because: Group flights require an individual offer, especially for large groups! As with hotels, for example, larger contingents must be requested in advance from the airlines (e.g. Lufthansa or Air Berlin) and further information must be transmitted so that the airline can make a corresponding, personal offer. It is therefore necessary for Intertours to contact one or more of the airlines in advance. It does not matter which destination country the group flights should go to. This procedure applies, for example, to group flights from Germany to Spain, Italy or Greece.

However, in order to get an idea of ​​the costs of your planned group booking in advance, you have the opportunity to obtain initial price information from Intertours. To do this, give us the necessary key data and receive a non-binding offer that is valid between three and fourteen days.

You do not know which airlines have the best conditions for your desired group flight or you would like to leave the booking in professional hands, so you have the opportunity to have the organization done for you.

For example via Intertours: Here you benefit from many advantages, such as a high degree of flexibility through favorable cancellation conditions for your group flight and free name changes up to 14 days before departure.

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The advantages of group flights

What are the advantages of group flights for you? We have compiled the most important points for you here:

Low financial risk for group flights
First of all, group inquiries are non-binding. This means that the request to the airline does not oblige you to actually book. Instead, most airlines - with the exception of the low-cost carriers - offer you to make free option bookings for group flights over a longer period of time. The airlines can reserve such bookings for you for up to 10 months (in some cases even around 1 year). So you have no financial risk over a longer period of time. It therefore makes perfect sense to inquire about your group flight with the airline in good time.

Guarantee of your seats on group flights:
The reserved seats are guaranteed for the duration of the booking option!

Late payment of tickets:
You only need the tickets for your group booking approx. 30 days before departure, i.e. H. Pay in full at the time of issue (often a deposit of 10% - 20% must be made).

Free name change:
When booking a group flight, the specified number of seats will be reserved immediately. Even if you enter names here, it is not yet necessary to know exactly whether these people will ultimately travel with you. With most airlines, you have the option of changing the names of the travelers until shortly before the ticket is issued. And it's free!

Low fees for changes or cancellations
A participant is prevented or has to be represented? If a seat has to be canceled or the name has to be changed after the ticket has been issued, the fees for group bookings are usually lower than for a single flight.

Reduce the number of passengers
To be on the safe side, you can easily specify more people for the group flight than should ultimately travel. You have the option of reducing the number of travelers for a longer period of time free of charge.

Joint transportation of the group
Groups travel on the same plane, of course. This is usually guaranteed even if a machine should unfortunately fail. In this case, the participants of the group flight are usually transferred to the same replacement aircraft.

Simple flights are also possible
Group bookings are not only possible for a return flight, but can also be made for one-way flights.

Is your next business trip with your colleagues coming up? The many advantages of the group rate show: It is worthwhile to seriously consider booking a group for this!

Send us your group request now using the quick request form! We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss your travel and desired dates.

So that you get the best conditions for your group flights, we ask the groups immediately - and don't worry: our service fee is per ticket and is only a fraction of the ticket price.