What should women over 20 never wear

Styling tips Fashion for women over 50: how to avoid styling sins

Regardless of your age, the first rule is always: wear whatever you want to wear and whatever you like. However, you should ask yourself whether you are just following a trend or whether you actually feel good. So the question is: do you really have to follow every trend after a certain age? Belly free at 50? There are wonderful alternatives that underline your youthful interior wonderfully to the outside.

Age-appropriate does not mean old-fashioned

First of all, it's sexy to just stand by your age. Because as soon as you do that, you can look around the fashion world for women your age without any further complexes - great ones are waiting here Styling tips!  

In fact, research in the textile industry has shown that body proportions change as you get older, even if you still have a slim silhouette. In practice, this means that if, as a best-ager, you choose youthfully cut clothing, you will also have to reckon with ill-fitting pieces that unfavorably accentuate the wrong areas. Exactly these Fashion sins it is then that promote the image “not age-appropriate”. Conversely, this does not mean that age-appropriate clothing must not be body-hugging or contain bright colors - on the contrary. It's just about getting the right spots with you Fashion from 50 advantageous to emphasize.

Styling tips for women over 50

Basically, getting this helps Styling tip Please note: Madam and slippery blouses such as bow-tie and ruffled blouses make you optically age even more, while unusual pieces with lots of bling and rather cheap workmanship look all the cheaper and more unsuitable with age. So the solution lies in basics made of high-quality fabrics and good workmanship. You can complement your look with high-quality accessories such as silk scarves, jewelry and stylishly comfortable shoes. Here you can rely on trend and edge without worrying about anything else. In which style you stay is up to you: Whether rock, Scandinavian-reduced, feminine, eccentric or pragmatic - the goal is to shape your own look with a few selected and high-quality items of clothing, accessories and shoes.

Fashion inspirations for women over 50

Four different types of fashion, all on their own Styling tips To fall back on. Which type is closest to you? Get inspired!

Classic chic

You want to attract attention with your classic, subtle style and make use of elegance and a good sense of style. You skillfully emphasize your simple elegance with high-quality accessories and upscale clothing.

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You know exactly how to combine color and pattern! You never just wear black, but always design your look with a cheerful splash of color. You don't keep your beautiful things for special occasions, but decorate yourself with them every day.

Relaxed casual

You know your line very well and are not particularly impressed by the fashion madness. You like comfort, but don't want to miss out on your good looks. You know exactly what suits you and you combine fashionable trend items well with each other.

The key piece lover

You are keen to experiment and always keep yourself up to date when it comes to fashion. Your style hasn't changed much over the years, but you're always looking for that one piece of fashion that you can emphasize with your style. Sometimes unusually casual, sometimes classically chic - you don't set any limits!

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