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Social media advertising: advertising on social networks

The great knowledge, especially about the behavior of the users, is based, among other things, on on that every click and every interaction with a social ad from the service recorded automatically. Many social networks make this wealth of data available to advertising partners for the evaluation of their campaigns. This not only makes it possible to understand whether an advertising campaign was basically successful or not, but also much smaller factors come to light that influence the course of a campaign.

In addition to user clicks on advertisements and their forwarding to the advertised websites, some social networks also record leads and / or conversions and transmit them to advertisers. Some social media services also allow A / B testing of advertisements. Two slightly different ads (or an ad for two different target groups) are first tested with a certain number of people before the actual advertising campaign begins. Through tracking, an advertiser can then understand which of the two variants was more successful and which is being switched.

However, it is particularly useful that the operators of the social networks automatically process the data collected for the advertisers. Virtually every one of these platforms has an application (usually called Ads Manager) that advertisers can use Statistics on the progress of your campaigns provides. Here you can access various data and diagrams and sort them according to certain criteria.

Social media advertising delivers through the automated recording and sorting of all user interactions with an advertising medium more well-founded figures about the process and success of an advertising campaignthan all offline and most online advertising platforms can offer.