What is chemical potential

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Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčExpertise - thermodynamics

According to Josiah Willard Gibbs, the partial molar Gibbs energy of a substance is called its chemical potential.

The chemical potential of a component i of a single-phase system with several components is defined as the change in the Gibbs energy of this system when an infinitesimal amount of substance is added to the system while keeping pressure, temperature and all other amounts of substance constant:

For example, the chemical potential of the component in an ideal gas mixture is:

The chemical potential is the driving force of all chemical changes or phase transitions.

See also: phase, partial molar size

Learning units in which the term is dealt with

Chemical potential of real mixtures - activities30 min.

chemistryPhysical chemistrythermodynamics

The concentration dependence of the chemical potential of ideal and real mixtures is shown. For this purpose, the activity and its coefficients are introduced and their significance for the thermodynamic equilibrium constant is treated.

What is a phase?5 min.

chemistryPhysical chemistrythermodynamics

Definition of the term phase, Gibbs phase rule, chemical potential